Avascular Necrosis of Scaphoid Treatment & Guidelines

Avascular necrosis of scaphoid is a disease caused by poor blood supply to the bone which is triggers the death of bone tissue. This process can cause cracks in the affected bone area, then cause the bones to collapse (collapse). NAV can occur in all locations of the body, but generally affects the hips, knees, scaphoid , shoulders and ankles.

We already had post about full guide in treatment avascular necrosis

In this post we focused about treatment, and guideline avascular necrosis of scaphoid.

Treatment Avascular Necrosis of Scaphoid (NAV)

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it feel like your arms locked with painful feeling

Some simple treatment to reduce Avascular Necrosis,, at worst stage may break your joint so you better avoid by follow these guidelines.

1. Full Rest especially in part of bone that infected

Reducing stress and burden on the affected bones has great benefits in relieving pain, slowing down the level of damage, and giving your body time to recover. In addition to physical therapy, try to minimize physical activity as much as possible.

2. Consider acupressure therapy.

Another useful method is to do this by pressing certain areas / points on the body. This treatment is useful for relaxing the hand. Ask your physical therapist about acupressure. You can do it yourself on a regular basis, or by scheduling meetings with experts.
Or an alternative, yoga (especially for the buttocks, anterior and lateral hip muscles, and the back) is also useful in relaxing and avoiding stress. But since our focus is treatment avascular necrosis scaphoid so yoga is not too help.

3. Avoid alcoholic drink.

Consumption of alcoholic is one of the risk factors for NAV. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will continually worsen your condition due to increased fat in the blood which tends to accumulate and clog arteries in the affected area. Just consume one glass of red wine at night if necessary.
There are various reasons that require you to limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages – or consider stopping them.

If you already alcoholic then try to reduce your consumption , a glass of wine a day doesn’t matter, but more than that can damage your heart, internal organs and, of course, your bones. Protect your body and stay away from alcoholic drinks if you can avoid it that would be much better.

4. Keep cholesterol levels low.

Make sure you adopt a healthy, low-fat diet by avoiding hydrogenated oils, fried foods, and reducing the consumption of fatty milk products that can be replaced with low or nonfat milk as an alternative. By applying this, you will keep your cholesterol level low, thereby supporting your blood and heart health.

  • When including red meat in a food, be sure to remove the visible fat before cooking it.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeans, tuna, and olive oil. Try not to fry olive oil because it will damage the omega-3 content in it and eliminate the benefits.

Simple Tips to Reduce effect of Avascular Necrosis

  • Consumption of fish such as tuna and salmon several times a week will increase omega-3 fat intake; other ways to support your healthy diet for example by adding fruit flakes and flax seeds to lettuce.
  • Consult with your doctor before taking AINS, because that drug has several side effects including digestive problems such as vomiting, irritation, abdominal pain. This medicine is recommend to taken right after a meal to minimize this effect. Patients with a history of peptic ulcers, kidney disease, and myocardial infarction is not recommended, so they should use AINS with full consideration.
  • Limitation of movement (immobilization) of joints and affected bones using splints and pads is needed in some cases, of course, after consulting a doctor or bone specialist.
  • Research has shown that corticosteroids can inhibit the process of breaking down fat thereby increasing fat levels in the blood circulation and clogging blood vessels.



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