10 Baby Activities in Mother Womb, Can Breathe and Even Pee

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Have you ever remembered what you do goes through while inside the womb? You definitely don’t remember it, but that’s when life begins.

Even though in modern technology there are tools to monitor the uterus, but for us, as common people we still don’t really know what’s going on in there. Like how babies eat, and breathe or what are their daily activities, also how they respond to external stimulations.

Curious about what a baby can do for over 9 months in the womb? Let’s check this out

Baby Activities in Mother Womb

baby activities in mother womb
baby activities in mother womb
  1. Babies rarely wake up from sleep
    In the womb, babies spend most of the day sleeping. When babies are 32 months old, the estimated total time they sleep is 90 to 95 percent.
  2. They always listen
    Most people know that even in the mother’s stomach, the baby can still hear what is happening in the environment. Therefore, experts suggest that mothers often listen to classical music to help the baby’s brain grow.
  3. They start practicing baby movements
    Before leaving the womb, the baby has trained his motor skills. For example, putting your fingers in your mouth, learning to grip, and even smiling.
  4. The baby can breathe in the womb
    Babies’ lungs are the last organ to develop because they don’t need them at an early age. They are getting oxygen from the umbilical cord. Even so, they will practice breathing using the amniotic fluid around them.
  5. They will eat together with their mother
    So far, what we know is that babies get food through their placenta. But did you know that they can taste the food? After three months of age, babies will recognize a variety of tastes, whether sweet, sour, salty, or bitter.

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  1. If necessary, they will urinate
    Babies can also urinate in their mother’s womb, you know! This is because after three months of age, they are able to swallow amniotic fluid. This fluid will be processed and come out again as amniotic fluid.
  2. The baby can roll in the womb
    Babies are not always able to control their movements in the uterus. In addition, they are also much influenced by their mother’s activities. For example, when the mother laughs the baby will bounce up and down. When the mother runs, the baby will roll along with the movement.
  3. Babies can feel their mother’s feelings
    At the last stage of pregnancy, babies begin to feel their mother’s feelings. For example, when the mother is sad, they are also sad. When the mother laughs, the baby will be more active and smile. This is why it is important to take care of the emotions of a pregnant woman.
  4. Babies can hiccup too
    The hiccups started after the first three months. This is a sign that they are starting to learn to breathe. The hiccups will cause the mother to feel a small kick in her stomach.
  5. They start to form their first poop
    The baby will not defecate in the uterus. However they started to form their first poop there. This discharge, called meconium, is made up of cells, amniotic fluid and hair. They will take it out after birth.

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