4 Benefits of Chocolate Scrub for Brighter Body Skin

Having bright, smooth, moisturized and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. Not only facial skin that must be cared for, but body skin must also be cared for in order to maximize appearance.

Lots of organic or traditional scrubs that can help treat your skin, one of which is chocolate scrub. Skin care products made from chocolate are very popular among women. Because of the content contained in chocolate, it has many benefits for the skin.

Besides being delicious to consume, chocolate can be processed intovarious facial and body skin care products. Here are the benefits of chocolate scrub for brighter skin, from various sources:

Benefit Chocolate Scrub for Brighter Body Skin

Making skin more smooth

The benefit of using the first chocolate scrub is that it helps smooth the skin. Even though you consume lots of water to prevent dehydration, if the body’s skin is not cared for properly, the skin will become dry and very rough.

This dry body skin can be caused by the premature aging process. Chocolate scrub contains antioxidant properties, so it can help reduce radicals that damage the body’s skin cells, and surely make skin more smooth, soften and prevent premature aging of the body’s skin.

Best for Skin Exposed to Sunlight

Chocolate scrub is also useful for protecting the body’s skin from the sun. Even if you wear clothes, your body’s skin can also be exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This sun exposure can damage skin cells, and cause the skin to darken.

This brown scrub can help soothe sunburned, irritated ultraviolet rays, and also help even out sun-darkened skin tones. But after scrubbing, don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Eliminates Stress and Regenerates Skin

The benefits of using chocolate scrub can help regenerate skin in the body. Scrubs have exfoliating properties, which can help exfoliate the skin, or help remove dead skin cells in the body. And because chocolate scrubs are rich in antioxidants, they can help accelerate the growth of new skin.

Chocolate scrub has a calming aroma to the mind. So that this chocolate scrub can help improve blood circulation, which makes the body more relaxed and makes the mind less stressed.

How to Make Chocolate Scrub

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This DIY very simple, benefit chocolate scrub for skin

This chocolate scrub can be made by yourself, and is very easy to make. You only need to prepare cocoa powder, essential oil or honey. Try to use dark chocolate powder to replace cocoa powder if you had.

  1. Mix all ingredients as needed with warm water,
  2. Apply on dry skin.
  3. Wait scrub dried around 15 minutes,
  4. Rub it gently so that it doesn’t hurt your skin.
  5. For Best Result use the chocolate scrub once a week.

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