Benefits and Disadvantages Goat Milk (Tips and Guideline before buying)

For you information goat milk is not for everyone. Although it has benefit, drinking goat milk are also had disadvantages. Seriously you have to notice about benefits and disadvantages goat milk.

So What is inside goat milk?

Benefit and disadvantages goat milk
a glass of goat milk

A glass of goat milk is packed with full of nutrient. It’s contains approximately a quarter of your daily vitamin A and Calcium.

It is rich in phosphorus and also vitamin D, which are all essential for bone health and growth if you’re under 18 ages.

“Goat milk has been an important part of human nutrition for millennia, in part because of the greater similarity of goat milk to human milk, softer curd formation, higher proportion of small milk fat globules, and different allergenic properties compared to cow milk.”

According to the Journal of Fairy Science : Source

Goat milk Protein level is vary depends by breed as well as season, stage of lactation and type of feed.

For example, Nubian goat milk is 3.7% protein by volume meanwhile Toggenburg goat milk is 2.7% protein by volume.

Not all goat milk is recommended for healthy diet weight loss. That is dwarf goats is higher in fat, protein, and lactose than that of other breeds.

Usually a cup of goat milk provides 18% of the recommended daily value of protein (2,000 calorie diet).

What about Raw Goat Milk?

Raw milk
Raw milk is good for healthy?

From The Center for Disease Control claimed drinking raw goat milk is very risky since it may contain disease.

“Raw milk can carry harmful bacteria and other germs that can make you very sick or kill you. While it is possible to get food-borne illnesses from many different foods, raw milk is one of the riskiest of all.”

The Center for Disease Control: source

There’s no guarantee consuming raw milk can be 100% hygienist. Most harmful bacteria in it can take down a healthy person.

Some can recover within a short period of time, some can develop symptoms that are severe, chronic or even life threatening.

Pregnant Mother may run a heavy risk of becoming sick from the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes inside raw milk.  The worst risk because this bacteria is illness, miscarriage, fetal death, or death of a newborn.

“Drinking raw milk or eating raw milk products is like playing Russian roulette with your health,”

“We see a number of cases of food-borne illness every year related to the consumption of raw milk.”

John Sheehan, director of the Food and Drug Administration‘s Division of Dairy and Egg Safety.

So rather than raw milk we recommended pasteurized milk. Most of the nutritional advantages of consuming milk are available from pasteurized milk .

How to pasteurize your goat milk at home?

It’s simple and easy by heating it to 63°C (150°F) for at least 30 minutes or 72°C (162°F) for at least 15 minutes. Then enjoy a safe, healthy glass of deliciousness goat milk.

Cow milk vs goat milk? Is Goat Milk Better for You?

cow milk and goat milk at first glance nutritional profiles is similiar. But there are some potentially significant differences that can impact tolerance and palatability.

Comparing Cow Milk and Goat milk nutrition facts:

1. Lactose

goat milk and cow milk both is contain lactose as their primary source of carbohydrate.

Cow milk lactose is slightly higher than goat milk.

Mostly people, especially age above 50 have difficulties tolerating lactose and may struggle to meet of three servings of dairy per day as the USDA recommended.

That’s why goat milk is alternative milk for mild to moderate, since it’s had low lactose.

2. Protein  / Casein

Although the main protein in both cow and goat milk is casein, but the forms of casein between these milks is slightly different.

In cow milk it is alpha (α-s1) casein. Meanwhile Casein in goat milk is beta (β) casein. 

Allergies may occur when immunoglobulin E (IgE), part of the body’s immune system, react to food molecules.

A protein in the food is often the problem. Because the proportions of these proteins are different between the two types of milk,

There’s a case person who have an allergic to cow milk,  will not experience goat milk side effects.

3. Fat

Mostly all goat milk is lower that cow milk. But as we note above you may prevent dwarf goat milk since it’s contain more fat.

A reason why goat milk is more recommended for those people in healthy diet plan will we explain in here.

Smaller fat globules in goat milk can be digested and broken down more quickly than cow milk.

It because Goat milk has a higher proportion of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a type of fat that skip normal fat breakdown and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. SPECIAL!

MCT is really recommended for people who have issues absorbing fat and, in researcher claimed, it proven to help with weight loss.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Goat Milk

Benefit Goat Milk

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Goat’s milk is usually used in the treatment of stomach problems, thyroid, duodenum, diabetes and getting rid of tuberculosis, also for recovery after chemotherapy.

Patient of food poisoning also recommended to drink goat milk after few days to maintain the weakened body and saturate it with useful nutrients.

Here’s a good reason why benefit Goat milk is new favorite.

  1. Rich with Calcium
  2. Good for lactose intolerants
  3. Prevents Allergic reaction
  4. Easier to digest
  5. Turns into curd lesser
  6. Prevents arteriosclerosis
  7. Full with A2 casein
  8. Contains medium chatty fatty acid
  9. Prevents Anemia
  10. Good metabolic agent
  11. Reduce bad Cholesterol
  12. Skin Moisturizer 

1. Rich in calcium

You may think of cow’s milk as the most healthy and source of rich calcium food.

The truth is goat milk consists of more calcium than cow’s milk i.e. 33% of the daily recommended value. Cow’s milk has 28%)

2. Alternative for lactose intolerants

Lactose or milk sugar in Goat’s milk is lower, than cow’s milk.

That’s why many people lactose intolerant having trouble in digesting cow’s milk, they are allergic to lactose.

So, goat’s milk is an alternative option for them

3, Prevents allergic reactions

Cow’s milk is the biggest reason of allergy among youngster and can persist throughout adulthood.

This is because cow milk contain the 20 different allergens that trigger allergic reactions.

Even goat milk is less allergic than cow’s milk. Goat milk is not recommended for baby under 2 ages.

4. Easier to digest

As we discussed above the fat content in goat’s and cow milk are similar, but in goat’s milk the globules of fat are smaller than cow’s milk, that’s why it is easier to digest

5. Turns into curd lesser

It’s have connection with benefit above. When goat milk reaching your stomach the goat milk turns into curd. Then Curd from goat milk is softer than the curd formed of cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk turn to curd only 2 percent, for comparison cow milk turn to curd 10 percent. Then it’s clearly goat milk win in this stage.

Goat milk helps your body to digest with less irritation as compared to cow’s milk

6. Full with A2 casein

Benefit A2 casein is safe from inflammatory diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis etc.

The goat’s milk ‘A2 casein’ is comparable to human breast milk in terms of protein. However goat milk is not recommended for baby aged below 2 Years.

7. Contains medium chain fatty acids

Medium-chain fatty acids offer energy boosts and are not stored as fat in the body.  These acid in goat milk is 30–35% in comparison to 15–20% in cow’s milk. Almost twice.

These acid help to reduce cholesterol and treat tough conditions, such as coronary diseases and intestinal disorders.

8. Goat milk to prevents anemia, neurodegenerative, and osteoporosis

Researchers suggest that goat’s milk must be often consumed in case of is suffering from anemia, osteoporosis or mal-absorption issues.

Bioavailability inside goat milk like calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous is promising in the treatment of nutritional deficiencies, such as bone demineralization. It also can recovery magnesium deficiency.

Goat milk also helps to boost regeneration of hemoglobin, making it more safe and naturally to recovery osteoporosis and healing anemia. Its also had zinc and selenium too, it’s help to prevent neurodegenerative diseases

9. Reduce bad cholesterols

Goat’s milk  reduce bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol in the our body. Goat milk  keeping high cholesterol under check.

10.Good metabolic agent

A reason why goat’s milk is a good metabolic agent is because it can metabolize copper and iron

If you had digestion and constipation issues, you may gain great benefits by drinking goat’s milk. It also helps relieve bloating sensation which people often feel.

11. Skin moisturizer

soap 1735991 640
Natural goat milk soap

This is best part for woman. The triglycerides and fatty acids in goat’s milk not only help you keep healthy but also enhance your outer appearance.

In my humble opinion goat milk best home remedies for acne and pimples. As goat’s milk contain the same pH level as humans skin. also it is easily absorbed by the skin and helps skin clean from the bacteria that keep your skin healthy.

The moisturizing qualities of goat’s milk is proven keep the skin soft like a baby. Goat’s milk contains high levels of vitamin A that can help to cure acne, increase complexion and thus improve the overall health of your skin.

The lactic acid in the goat milk can brighten your skin tone by removing the dead skin cells, so no more dull and pasty face!

Disadvantages of goat milk.

Even the goat milk has ton of benefit but it still had disadvantages include:

  1. Not Recommended for baby
  2. High amounts of calories
  3. Less of Folic Acid, B12, and Zinc
  4. Strong smell and taste
  5. Might cause bloating
  6. Pricy since it’s low availability of the product.

1. Goat milk is not recommended for baby

for baby aged below 2 years strongly not recommended consuming goat milk. At this rate this baby should had breastfeeding from mother.

In case if mother got problem in breastfeeding it should be discussed with doctor first. Then doctor will give recommendation milk formula that may replace milk nutrition from breastfeeding.

Once again milk goat is not recommended for baby since it’s not compared enough nutrition to replace mother breastfeeding.

2. High amounts in Calories

Basically, goat’s milk is containing low on cholesterol. However, if we compared to cow’s milk as well as plant-based milk products, goat milk still has higher calories.

Plant-based milk products like almond milk or soy milk have lower calories. People who concerning about their daily calorie should read labels to make sure they are informed about what they are consuming.

3. Less Folic Acid, B12, and Zinc

Goat’s milk has high amounts of lactic acid but has low amounts of folic acid.  Folic acid is the vitamin B9 component in synthetic form, it’s important because it helps reduce the risk of cancer, lower homocysteine levels as well as neural tube birth defects.

Compared to cow milk, goat milk also has lesser volumes of zinc as well as a little less vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is utilized in the formation of red blood cells, it also boosting bone health. These vitamin is proven to aid in preventing the development of age-related muscular degeneration.  

Zinc is an essential nutrient which helps reduce the risk of age-related illnesses, as well as keeping the immune system strong.

4. Strong smell and taste goat milk

Goat’s milk smell and taste can be overwhelming for some people, some people may find it unpleasant.

The milk has a combination of tastes including a sweet taste combined with musky taste and very unusual salty. That’s a reason why goat milk product is not massive production like a cow milk..

As we mentioned above goat milk is contain the high levels of lactic acid. However, this can also be a disadvantage. Cause the lactic acid can double when the milk is cooked above 380 Celsius. Of course its significantly affect the smell and flavor of the milk.

The smell and taste of goat milk are dependent on the diet of the goat, cleanliness of the goat and milk handling. Usually healthy goat which is consumed grass and had proper diet can produced naturally sweet goat milk

5. Might cause bloating

Some people might find experience digestive issues like bloating and gas. Goat’s milk may also cause constipation, especially when they drink in large quantities.

Therefore, it is not recommended to drink it in large quantities as well as for those with high levels of intolerance to lactose.

6. Pricy since availability of Goat Milk

Even Goat milk is cheaper to produce, sometimes can difficult to access in markets.  The price often higher compared to other milk product alternatives especially in branded and quality product

It because goat milk contributes only about 2% of the total global milk supply. The product is not mass produced if we compared to other dairy beverages.


If you are planning a healthy, balanced diet you should give a try daily consume goat milk. Some people may find odd in taste or “goat-y” are pleasantly surprised when they know how to well pasteurized goat milk.

No need confusing with goat milk health benefits. Because of the differences in lactose, fats, and proteins. People with allergies to cow milk often tolerate goat milk with no problems.

But keep in note there are also disadvantages of goat milk. Infants should never consume goat milk because of the severe health risks.

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