Can Baby Drink Cold Breast Milk?

Today Frozen breast milk is smart solution for working mother in breastfeeding their babies. But as a new mother most of them is worried did their baby can drink cold breast milk, did you need to heat it up before serving to your baby?

Well the answer is depends on several factor. Although baby care is almost similar, but we have to understand that each baby has unique preferences.

Can babies drink cold breast milk?

baby drink cold breastmilk
nice baby with cold breastmilk

Yes it safe as long as your baby like it. You can give your baby a bottle of breast milk right straight from the fridge.

Until today there’s no evidence baby drink cold breast feeding will affect to their health.

Also there are no safety risks associated with drinking cold breast milk, but it is important to understand that not all babies prefer their milk cold.

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4 Important Things you should notice before give cold breastmilk to your baby

Hey, before you run giving cold milk for your babies, you have to acknowledge this.

1. Cold Breast Milk had Separated Fat

Dear mom when you storing cold breast milk in refrigerator, you will notice that the layer of fat will rise on top of the milk. So how you handle this?

It’s simple, you just need to shaking the bottle until layer of fat mixing well

If you in hurry or got problem when mixing cold breastmilk, you may heat it for a while. How to heat up up breast milk will be discussed in another post.

2. The rotten fat layer

It usually happen due not sterile refrigerator or container of your breastfeeding. Also it might because too long time save in refrigerator.

An important aspect regarding this fat layer when getting rotten, you will notice that this layer can not mix at all with the rest of the milk when you shaking it.

Instead, it will transform into chunks when you shake the bottle.

So, this is an crucial aspect to pay attention. It could be one of the main indicators that you shouldn’t feed the cold milk to your baby with.

How Long you can safe breastfeeding in refrigerator?

frozen breastmilk missrdu
Frozen Breast Milk

Normally cold breastfeeding will expired up to 4 – 5 days in refrigerator (4 degree Celsius) . And it boost up to 3 – 6 month if you take in freezer (-18 degree Celsius).

Also always write a date when you store your milk in freezer. it smart move so you can know when your breastfeeding milk will expired

3. Avoid the cold breast milk if your baby has a fever

We strongly recommended to skip the cold milk if your baby has a cold or fever.

In such condition, warm milk would be much healthier for your baby because it will help them find more comfort and reduce the symptoms of fever.

Also, warm breast milk will make your baby fall as sleep faster.

4. Cold Breast Milk vs. Frozen Breast Milk

Yes of course Frozen breast milk extends expired dates but you can not give it directly to your sweetheart. in frozen from

You need to defrost it first by putting it around 12 hours in the fridge.

Another fast method to defrost is by soak container using warm water that around 37 degree Celsius. Please never heat breastmilk by using microwave or directly by pan in stove. Cause it will broke it’s nutrition and might harm your baby immune.

Otherwise, your babies will get hurt or ill. Baby not be able to drink it because frozen milk is way too cold, and it is not in a liquid form.

F.A.Q when Breastfeeding baby with cold milk

My Babies refuse when try drinking cold breastfeeding milk

Then your baby is not preferable with cold milk, you’ve to wait till it get closed by human body temperature.

My Babies get cold / after drinking cold milk

It might your baby immune is in low condition. Get her/him warmer blanket and milk if this condition get worse. We strongly recommended to meet your personal doctor.

Did I need to sterilize my hand when defrost breast milk in

Actually you must sterilize every time you make contact with baby. Since they are very fragile.

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