Can CT scan detect stomach cancer ? Comparing with MRI ?

Stomach cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, because the disease shows no symptoms at all an early stage. That is why doctors encourage people over the age of 50 to undergo a CT colonography to find out the possibility of cancer.

Can CT scan detect stomach cancer ?

Yes, it can. CT scans can help doctors find cancer and show the shape and size of the tumor or cancer. The scan is painless and takes about 10 to 30 minutes.

can ct scan Detect cancer stomatch
CT Scan Test, it not frightening as you imagine

The doctor can view images from a colonoscopy through a video screen. If possible They can also remove cells that grow abnormally or polyp during the examination. A procedure that is not too invasive in a colonoscopy is performed with a CT scan that uses x-rays through the patient’s abdomen.

By comparing CT scans performed over time, doctors can see how cancer respond to treatment or find out if the cancer has returned after treatment.

Dr. Mahadevappa Mahesh, Professor of Radiology and Medical at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said that colonoscopy through radiation can save many patients.

“Often patients don’t come to the clinic after they talk to the doctor about the usual colonoscopy. They know there is a kind of instrument that is inserted into the body, so they are afraid. They don’t want to do it. Therefore, they can get cancer. Colonoscopy with a CT scan is very effective, explained Dr. Mahesh.

If abnormal cells or polyps are found during a colonoscopy with a CT scan, colonoscopy is usually done to remove the polyp.

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How Does the CT Scan Work?

CT scanning is like a standard x-ray test. But, x-ray tests aim at broad beam of radiation from only one angle. CT scans use blocks as thin as a pencil to make a series of images taken from various angles.

Information from each corner is entered into the computer, then creates a black and white image that shows a particular body area similar to seeing a slice of bread.

Special contrast material can be used to get clearer images. This can be swallowed as a liquid, inserted into a vein, or into the intestine through the rectum as an enema.

By superimposing CT scanned images on top of one another, the machine can make a 3-dimensional (3D) view. 3D images can be rotated on a computer screen to see different angles.

How CT scan work to identifying stomach cancer

CT scan vs MRI for stomach cancer?

both can detect cancer accurately but usually doctors will more often recommend using a CT scan rather than an MRI.

Because CT scans require shorter time, only about 30-60 minutes while MRI is around 90 minute .

In terms, MRI cost are more expensive than CT scans.
But there are times when doctors will recommend using an MRI rather than a CT scan. That is when you are pregnant, or you had metal in your body due its using magnet.

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How much is a CT scan for stomach cancer?

Prices vary widely, depending on the hospital, level of health care, local community income. There are several cases where CT scans of the abdomen Hospital A, B, and C will issue different invoices. Usually around 250 $ – 2000 $

You can confirm to the hospital what the range of costs CT scan for stomach only . If you are lucky you can find a review on the internet about the price of CT scans at the hospital that you are after.

Bottom Line – CT scan detect stomach cancer

If you worried about your tummy when your doctor recommended you to do test laboratory using CT scan. Then you better do it.

Think smart with comparing hospital or clinic around you that provide CT scan test. Before asking price better you check on internet their Review maybe you found one testimonial that can be helpful.

Also don’t forget to mention that you only need CT scan for stomach only cause if you not described at first, Customer Service in Hospital will think it was full test of CT scan. The price of course slightly different.

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