Can Hernia Inguinal Heal it self without surgeon? FACT and TIPS

Hernia is a condition when an organ in the body presses and penetrates out through a weakened muscle or surrounding tissue gap. Inguinal hernias are one of the most common types of hernias.

Hernia occurs when a portion of the intestine comes out of the abdominal cavity through the lower abdominal wall.

This condition causes the appearance of a lump in the scrotum, so that the sensation of pain and heat for the hernia patient.

Can Hernia Inguinal Heal it self?

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You may be scared, but don worry Hernia Surgery have very successful rate

Unfortunately No, the way to overcome inguinal hernias can only be done with the surgical method. Surgery is perform to restore the position of the intestine and close the gap that causes the hernia.

Lumps can appear when the person is lifting something and will disappear when in a lying position. Although inguinal hernias themselves are not dangerous, this condition risks leading to complications that can be life-threatening.

Symptoms When A Person Has Inguinal Hernia

Early inguinal hernias usually will not cause symptoms. That’s why patient is not aware of this condition until a bump appears due to hernia.

Lumps appear or feel more clearly when a person stands tall, especially when they cough. The lumps that appear are sensitive to touch and feel pain. Some of the symptoms that occur include:

  • Lumps appear on any side of the quadriceps area.
  • Lump pain.
  • The crotch feels weak or depressed.
  • The crotch might feels heavy.
  • Pain and swelling in the area around the testicles because part of the intestine penetrates into the scrotal sac.
  • Sudden pain, nausea and vomiting. It’s when part of the intestine comes out is stuck in the hernia gap and cannot return to its original position.

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Treatment for Inguinal Hernia

As mentioned previously, the way to cure inguinal hernias is must by surgical procedures. The Surgeon will push back the lump and strengthen the weak parts of the abdominal wall.

This procedure is required when hernia symptoms that are quite severe and also there’s serious complications.

Treatment is important to prevent complications that may occur. Because if the intestine is stuck in the inguinal canal, then someone may experiences nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, accompanied by a lump that feels pain in the groin area.

In addition, another complication is incarcerated inguinal hernia (strangulation), which is a condition when the intestines that come out are squeezed and the blood supply is stopped. This condition requires immediate surgical procedures to release trapped tissue and restore blood supply to prevent tissue death.

2 Methods of Surgery Inguinal Hernias

There are two methods of surgery to treat inguinal hernias, including:

First, Open Surgery.

Through this method the surgeon will push the lump of inguinal hernia back into the abdomen through a large incision.

Laparoscopy or Keyhole Surgery.

In this technique, the doctor makes several small incisions in the abdominal area. Through one of the incisions, the doctor inserts an instrument called a laparoscope, which is a small tube with a camera and a small lamp at the end. The camera shows the condition in the stomach on a monitor. Through this camera guide, the doctor then inserts special surgical instruments through other incision holes to pull the hernia back.

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Prevention of Inguinal Hernia

The following precautions to prevent pressure in the abdominal cavity in order to reduce the risk of inguinal hernia. The method includes:

  • Eat foods rich in fiber.
  • Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy
  • Stop smoking.
  • Maintain body weight to stay within ideal and healthy habits.

Bottom Line

Now you have the answer for can Hernia Inguinal Heal it self without surgeon. Once again you might be scare with surgeon but dont worry This operation is safe and have high successful rate.

Of course you still have to change your bad habits. Cause this disease is coming from bad habits like smoking and over weight lifting.

We always pray for your healthy, please like and comment if you find this post is helpful. Thank you for stay with us


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