10 Baby Activities in Mother Womb, Can Breathe and Even Pee

baby activities in mother womb

Have you ever remembered what you do goes through while inside the womb? You definitely don’t remember it, but that’s when life begins. Even though in modern technology there are tools to monitor the uterus, but for us, as common people we still don’t really know what’s going on in there. Like how babies eat,

Watery Breast Milk Cause and 5 Tips How to Treat it

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Watery Breastmilk is common problem that every mothers worry. Even so, watery milk is also contains all the nutrients the baby needs for immunity and development. Then, What causes Watery breast milk? Is it normal or not? Watery breast milk is usually produced early in the breastfeeding period, milk production begins around week 16 of

Food to Improve Eye Health for Kids

food to improve eye health children

Do you know a simple and proven way to maintain children’s eye health? It’s easy, fulfill the nutrition your little one, especially the nutrients needed to maintain eye health. Them the question is, what kind of food to improve Eye Health for kids ? Take it easy mothers, don’t need to be confused, because many

When do babies laugh ? And How to make baby laughing?

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Laughter is a one of sign of happiness, especially baby laugh is pure with joy and natural happiness. Babies actually already learn how to laugh at 2 month, and starting to laugh in next month When Do baby Laugh ? Usually average babies will start laughing clearly at the age of 3 to 4 months.