Can Baby Drink Cold Breast Milk?

baby drink cold breastmilk

Today Frozen breast milk is smart solution for working mother in breastfeeding their babies. But as a new mother most of them is worried did their baby can drink cold breast milk, did you need to heat it up before serving to your baby? Well the answer is depends on several factor. Although baby care

Is milk a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture? And Why?

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Milk appears to be homogeneous. But when we examined with using a microscope, it consists of tiny globules of fat. Then Milk protein dispersed in water that was kind like heterogeneous. Before we settle down in deep explanation about is milk a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture. You should understand that milk is colloid solution. Why

Is it safe Goat Milk for Pets (Cats and Dog )

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If you’re looking for a natural and effortless way to increase your pet’s health, read on to find the full list of advantages and how to begin adding raw goat’s milk into your pet’s diet. Called the most complete, healthful and natural food source. Fermenting goat milk adds yet another layer of nutrient value. It

How to heat Almond Milk (Boil or Heat at Microwave)

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Almond milk Differs from Cow milk, However it heating method is like Cow milk, with gentle heat, it will heat up and will give a yummy flavor of roasted Almonds. Almonds milk Don’t Have Any Cholesterol and Lactose, And this is the comparative advantage of this Almonds milk which its produces are highlighting within the