Difference Development of Baby Drinking Cow vs Soy Milk ?

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Cow vs soy milk. Usually child above 6 month is given formula milk, because relying on food only is not sufficient to meet daily nutritional needs. However, not all children get the same type of formula milk. There are cow and soy based formula milk. Is there a difference between the benefits of cow vs

Only Drink Milk at Breakfast, Did it Healthy for Long Term?

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In the morning, many people choose to only drink milk for breakfast. This is because milk is very fast to prepare and believed beneficial for our health. Only by drinking milk, a person feels full enough, so they are ready to carry out their activities. However, is this habit healthy? Here’s the explanation. Nutritional content

Which One is Healthier, Warm Milk or Cold Milk?

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Warm Milk or Cold Milk is Healthier ? Yes we all already knew that milk is a drink that full of nutrients, can provide various benefits for body growth and health. Known as a source of calcium and vitamin D, milk will help maintain bone health if taken regularly. Milk is also delicious and can

Is it Safety Drink vitamin C with Milk? Learn Why


“Avoid taking medicine after or before drinking milk,” this kind of advice is certainly well known to many people. Because some types of drugs will fail to be absorbed by the body if consumed close after drinking milk. But what about Vitamin C? Is it Safety Drink Vitamin C with milk or even prohibited? Reason

Does Vitamin D help children grow Taller?

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It’s must be famous myth around parents. Children need the sunlight as one of best source of vitamin D to help grow taller, but does it really true? If we read our previous post about guide how to grow taller, There’s some magical food that can help us in gaining some Height. One of it

Best sleep position for height growth and posture

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It’s important to understanding best sleep position for height growth, cause it will effect in bone posture. But Actually good sleep it’s not just about 8 hours sleep. By using right sleep position you will gain advantages in increase rate your height. While you sleeping your body automatic will repair the spin and extended. That’s

How to stop growth in Height? Sharing and Tips

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Well we notice there’s some people searching how to stop growth in height. Our assumption they already enough height and worrying about they appearance. It’s okay, First of all you’ve to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you or with your height. It’s not kind of disease. Accepting what god give may give you delightful