Calves hurt when running, Treatment and Symptoms

calves hurt when running

Calves hurt when running often occurs after doing some extreme activity. The severity of calves pain varies, it can be as middle pain to a sharp or heavy pain. calves pain is quite common and is often associated with muscle cramps which can be relieved with just massage. However, there are actually many other conditions

Is Honey better than Sugar?


Maybe you often heard about the healthy recommendation to reduce daily sugar, so instead of using sugar, you add honey to sweeten your drink. Not a few people also agree that honey is a better natural sweetener than sugar. Honey is believed to help cure various diseases while sugar only makes the stomach more distended.

4 Reason Why Do I Get a Headache After exercise

headache after running

There are a ton of benefits in exercise, especially if you make it your daily routine. But if you experience headache after exercise, then you should read this post more seriously. Event though the sensation of dizziness will slowly disappear in next 2-3 hour ,in some cases it can last in longer time. In fact,

How Undercooked Chicken Cause Food Poisoning !

uncooked chicken meat missrdu

Chicken meat is mostly favorite menu for everyone. Maybe in a week you can eat chicken more than three times. Chicken is healthy, but you have to be careful. Eating undercooked chicken meat can cause food poisoning. So What diseases can occur if you eat undercooked / raw chicken ? How to tell whether a

Dry Throat in the Morning? Cause, 8 Tips & Treatment

dry throat in the morning

Some people may ask what causes dry throat in the morning. Whereas the day before, he did not feel any problems in his throat. In fact, even in good health, anyone can experience this. Of course it’s uncomfortable to have a hoarse voice when you just wake up. Especially if there is an important meeting

Drinking honey after taking medicine, Did it safe or not?

drinking honey after taking medicine

Drinking honey after taking medicine ? Drinking something sweet after taking medicine is sometimes necessary. This prevents nausea from a bitter taste due to taking pills. Usually people will eat a small spoonful of sugar to get rid of the bitterness of the medicine. So, how about drinking honey? Are there any effects or benefits