Why Feeling Sleepy After Breakfast? Complete Explanation + Bonus Recipe

breakfast in the morning sleepy

Feeling sleepy after after breakfast often happens to almost everyone. This drowsiness is also coming with fatigue, which can disturb your daily activities. If it occurs to you, doesn’t mean breakfast is unhealthy, there’s many reason why we feeling sleepy after breakfast. Benefits breakfast for our health Although many people feel that breakfast makes feel

Which is Healthier Between Ice Coffee or Hot Coffee?

which is healthier ice coffee or hot coffee 1

Sipping fresh iced coffee on a hot day is like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. However, have you ever wondered, which is healthier between iced coffee or hot coffee? Which one has higher caffeine content to energize the day? Or are they actually the same? Find out the answer in this

What Causes Woman had mustache? & How to get rid of it

women mustache

Although it’s not a serious health problem, being a woman with a mustache often lowers self-esteem. If you have this complaint, don’t worry anymore, because there are several doctors can treat this condition. In the medical world, the condition of growing hair on an unusual part of a woman’s body is called hirsutism. Not only

Can Conditioner Touch The Scalp? It’s Depends on Hair Condition!

can conditioner touch the scalp

Conditioner functions to protect and moisturize hair so that hair becomes smoother and more voluminous. However, using the wrong conditioner procedure can cause new hair problems. One of the most common mistakes is letting conditioner touch the scalp. Actually, what is the reason that conditioner should not be used in this area? How conditioner works

Spicy food & Constipation: Did it relatable and safe?

spicy food cure constipation missrdu

One of the digestive disorders that we most often experience is constipation. This health problem makes the stomach feel uncomfortable. To overcome this, some people choose to eat very spicy foods. This is because rumor that after we eat spicy food, defecation becomes smooth or even becomes diarrhea. So, can eating spicy food is really

How to Deal with Acne on Neck, Treatment and Tips

acne on neck treatment

Acne on the face can spread to the neck. Maybe not too many if we comparing with acne on the face. However, pimples that appear on the neck are certainly very annoying. Especially if the acne is inflamed and causes pain. So, how do you treat and prevent back acne again on the neck? Causes