Lack Nutrition and food That caused cramped legs

cramped legs missrdu

When your legs are cramped or muscle spasms, they must be in sudden pain . It is difficult to move around and feels awfully painful. Although leg cramps are not kind dangerous disease, but they can certainly really interfere with your activities. Then how do you relieve cramps that often appear? Please Consider the following

6 Simple Tips to Reducing Coffee Addiction

how to reduce coffee addiction

Reducing coffee Addiction is a difficult thing to do for coffee addict. The key to reduce coffee addiction is patient. You don’t have to totally not consuming it at all, most of all this strategy is fail cause Our body demands coffee so much meanwhile our strong will is weak. You have to reduce it

Sudden cold sensitivity in teeth ? Root Cause & Treatment

sudden cold sensitivy in teeth missru

Have you ever felt sudden cold sensitivity in teeth eating ice cream or brushing your teeth? Previously it was fine till you notice sharp pain in your teeth. For sensitive teeth, simple daily activities such as eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth may cause into tooth pain. However, by detecting the cause, you can reduce

Get Cold After Eating? Probably it’s symptoms of Something.

getting cold after eating

Get Cold after eating? Although it was uncommon case but base on google search it takes around 720 searches / Month, So you’re not alone. Basically cold is one of the way our body react to unwanted process / item. A reason may be vary depends on unhealthy habits, heredity, even wrong diet might trigger