Get Cold After Eating? Probably it’s symptoms of Something.

getting cold after eating

Get Cold after eating? Although it was uncommon case but base on google search it takes around 720 searches / Month, So you’re not alone. Basically cold is one of the way our body react to unwanted process / item. A reason may be vary depends on unhealthy habits, heredity, even wrong diet might trigger

Having Headache After Asthma Attack? Learn Right Treatment

headache after astha attack missrdu

Many experts say that headache after asthma attack have a close relationship. Is it true that asthma can cause migraines? Medical experts found that people with asthma have a tendency to experience migraines more often than those without asthma. So, what exactly is the relationship between asthma and migraine besides that they both occur in

Can I eat antibiotic and banana? or even Milk?

can i eat antibiotic with banana

Like my mother, she struggle swallow pill or tablet. So every time she need consume antibiotic is by include it into banana. Then I am sure my mother is not the only one. I’am notice this likely to happen in elder people or kids that didn’t had experience how to swallow pill. So, is it