High Blood Pressure After Pregnancy

high blood pressure after giving birth

High blood pressure after pregnancy in medical terms is called postpartum preeclampsia. This condition occurs when a woman has high blood pressure and excess protein in her urine after giving birth. Postpartum preeclampsia is dangerous for both the mother and the fetus, so this condition requires immediate medical attention. Overview of postpartum hypertension or postpartum

What Causes Woman had mustache? & How to get rid of it

women mustache

Although it’s not a serious health problem, being a woman with a mustache often lowers self-esteem. If you have this complaint, don’t worry anymore, because there are several doctors can treat this condition. In the medical world, the condition of growing hair on an unusual part of a woman’s body is called hirsutism. Not only

Dark Lips Even not Smoking ? It’s very possible

darken lips without smoking

Dark lips even not smoking may reduce your appearance There are many reason that can make your lips black. Usually your lips can be blackened and dark due to bad habits. Here’s 6 Common reason that causes of lip discoloration becoming darker even though you don’t have a smoking habit. Cause Black Lips even You

4 Benefits of Chocolate Scrub for Brighter Body Skin

benefit chocolate scrub for skin missrdu

Having bright, smooth, moisturized and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. Not only facial skin that must be cared for, but body skin must also be cared for in order to maximize appearance. Lots of organic or traditional scrubs that can help treat your skin, one of which is chocolate scrub. Skin care products made

Is Sudden Cold Early Sign of Pregnancy

sudden fever sign of pregnancy missrdu

Sudden cold or fever is a common condition experienced by many women. But you know Fever can also be a sign of pregnancy. Check out the explanation below. Sudden Cold Early Sign of Pregnancy Sudden fever is one of the common signs that also often appear in early pregnancy. It is because the body changes