Can a child shrink in height? And many common question answered

Child shrink in height is kind very rare condition. We understanding your fell But as a parent you should not too worry about this.

Experience from other parents say they got 3 different result when they measure they kid. Moreover It might be because bad posture since it’s kind so hard keep children stand tall for moment.

One of them shared funny moments when they measure their children. They so socked to know their child shrink in height it just because their kid wearing shoes. 😀

Please be patient but If your children consistently not gain any height from 6 month when you measure them, then you can visit your favorite doctor to check wrong with his spine

What are the ages for pediasure?

We found out this was also common question in parenting. From official site Pediasure it not explain clearly minimum ages.

But at least there’s a important note that pediasure is not for infant with aged in less 2 Year. You need doctor recommendation if it’s for child within 2 age younger.

That mean it’s safe for child aged above 3 – up to 13 Years. Since it rich with protein and nutrition. From it site says you will gain height in 24 weeks consumption Twice a days.

What is average height for 11 year old boy?

A child’s height can be vary. A child can be a little taller than the average height, meanwhile some child can be shorter. There’s a golden momentum when a child grow teenager can boost their height as much.

This is a table overview of average height boy and girl in United States. Different region may be vary, but it will not too far from this data.

Table Average Height Boy and Girl

 Age:                Average height boy:   Average height girl: 
 1 month  1ft 9.6in (54.8 cm)   1ft 9.2in (53.8 cm)
 2 months  1ft 11in (58.4 cm)  1ft 10.1in (56.1 cm) 
 3 months  2ft 0.2in (61.4 cm)  1ft 11.6in (59.9 cm)
 4 months  2ft 1.2in (64 cm)  2ft 0.5in (62.2 cm)
 5 months  2ft 2in (66 cm)  2ft 1.3in (64.2 cm)
 6 months  2ft 2.6in (67.5 cm)  2ft 2.1in (66.4 cm)
 7 months  2ft 3.2in (69 cm)  2ft 2.5in (67.3 cm)
 8 months  2ft 3.8in (70.6 cm)  2ft 3.1in (68.8 cm)
 9 months  2ft 4.3in (71.8 cm)  2ft 3.6in (70.1 cm)
 10 months  2ft 4.8in (73.1 cm)  2ft 4.2in (71.6 cm) 
 11 months  2ft 5.3in (74.4 cm)  2ft 4.7in (72.8 cm)
 12 months  2ft 5.8in (75.7 cm)  2ft 5.2in (74.1 cm)
 13 months  2ft 6.3in (76.9 cm)  2ft 5.6in (75.1 cm)
 14 months  2ft 6.7in (77.9 cm)  2ft 6.1in (76.4 cm)
 15 months  2ft 7.2in (79.2 cm)  2ft 6.6in (77.7 cm)
 1.5 years  2ft 8.4in (82.2 cm)  2ft 7.8in (80.7 cm)
 2 years  2ft 10.2in (86.8 cm)  2ft 9.7in (85.5 cm)
 2.5 years  2ft 11.9in (91.1 cm)  2ft 11.4in (90 cm)
 3 years  3ft 1.5in (95.2 cm)  3ft 1in (94 cm)
 3.5 years  3ft 2.9in (98.8 cm)  3ft 2.3in (97.2 cm)
 4 years  3ft 4.3in (102.3 cm)  3ft 3.5in (100.3 cm)
 5 years  3ft 7in (109.2 cm)  3ft 6.5in (107.9 cm)
 6 years  3ft 9.5in (115.5 cm)   3ft 9.5in (115.5 cm) 
 7 years  3ft 12in (121.9 cm)  3ft 11.7in (121.1 cm) 
 8 years  4ft 2.4in (128 cm)  4ft 2.5in (128.2 cm)
 9 years  4ft 4.5in (133.3 cm)  4ft 5in (133.3 cm)
 10 years  4ft 6.5in (138.4 cm)  4ft 6.5in (138.4 cm) 
 11 years  4ft 8.5in (143.5 cm)  4ft 8.7in (144 cm)
 12 years  4ft 10.7in (149.1 cm)  4ft 11in (149.8 cm)
 13 years  5ft 1.5in (156.2 cm)  5ft 1.7in (156.7 cm)
 14 years  5ft 4.5in (163.8 cm)  5ft 2.5in (158.7 cm)
 15 years  5ft 7in (170.1 cm)  5ft 2.9in (159.7 cm)
 16 years  5ft 8.3in (173.4 cm)  5ft 4in (162.5 cm)
 17 years  5ft 9in (175.2 cm)  5ft 4in (162.5 cm)
 18 years  5ft 9.2in (175.7 cm)  5ft 4.2in (163 cm)
 19 years  5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)  5ft 4.2in (163 cm)
 20 years  5ft 9.7in (177 cm)  5ft 4.3in (163.3 cm)
 21 years  5ft 9.8in (177.4 cm)  5ft 4.3in (163.4 cm)
source: onaverage

So from that table you can had your answer that average height for 11 year old boy is 143.5 cm.

What if my son is 12 and is not growing ?

Well you’ve to know children growing is different for every kid. You’ve to use valid data before make a statement about your children.

So you need to keep note minimum 3 month until 6 month your children growth. if there’s no growing you should stimulate Human Growth Hormone Manually.

We recommended you read our guide to increase HGH especially in children golden Age.

Another Question around child shrink in height?

we love to discuss and sharing experience about child health height issue. Please leave a comment if you had any question around child shrink in height.

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