Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection Treatment. It was NATURE GIFT

One of famous health benefits coconut oil for Yeast Infection. Coconut oil believed by many people as a cure for fungal skin infections. However, is that right? Find out the answer in the following review.

Is Coconut Oil can be used as a cure for fungal infections?

coconut oil yeast infection treatment
Coconut with lemon is really something refreshed. But Coconut Oil is more than that

Surely Yes, Coconut oil contains moderate chain fatty acids (MCT), which are not only easily absorb by liver, but are also increase metabolize. In addition, coconut oil also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help relieve various skin infections.

A study conducted by Nigerian scientists in 2007 reported that the content of MCT in coconut oil was effective against fungal infections of candida albincans, even more effective than the antifungal cream drug fluconazole and without side effects.

Fungal skin infections can cause discomfort, a sensation of heat in the skin, and unbearable itching that disrupts daily activities. Yeast skin infection actually can easily treated using antifungal creams that available at pharmacies or drug stores.

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However, there’s also people are looking for more natural alternatives to avoid the risk of drug side effects. Coconut oil is one of the choices of natural skin fungal infection drugs.

How to use coconut oil as a cure for fungal infections?

If the infection occurs on the surface of the skin, coconut oil can be apply directly to skin. Repeat 2-3 every day until the symptoms subside. Recommended timing is morning after bath and before sleep. (Optional in evening if you think you need it)

Can I add Coconut Oil for daily consumption?

In order to treat Yeast Infection is Yes!, but for daily consumption you should think it again Especially if you had problem in cholesterol and high blood pressure. Coconut oil contain very high Fat that’s why we should consider alternative vegetable oil. If for daily consumption Olive Oil is strongly recommend than coconut oil

To treat it, it takes 3-5 tablespoons of oil for daily consumption. If you want to mix it in your diet, you can tuck it in as follows:

– Use coconut oil for cooking
– Change butter or margarine for bread with coconut oil
– Add coconut oil to smoothies
– Add coconut oil when eating oatmeal
– Eat one teaspoon of coconut oil before every heavy meal

How to Treat Yeast Infection in Mouth with Coconut Oil?

If our mouth is infect with a fungus, you can follow these instruction:

  • Heat coconut oil for a few seconds
  • Let oil cool until it’s cool enough to not burn the skin, put it in your mouth for about 30 seconds
  • After pass 30 seconds remove the coconut oil from the mouth
  • Avoid eating or drinking for half an hour afterwards

How to Treat Yeast Infection in vaginal area with coconut Oil?

If you have a yeast infection in the vagina, coconut oil can be applied directly to the infected coolies for 4-5 days. The second way, coconut oil is applied to the tampon and inserted into the vagina until it reaches the uterus. Before doing both of these things, you should consult a doctor first.

Basically you can use coconut oil in any body that contained fungi, Usually it might hide in under breast, crotch in legs or arm. Just make sure it not in eye area.

Make sure the oil you use is extra virgin coconut oil (VCO) that does not go through a variety of manufacturing processes.

Don’t use coconut oil for too long

Although known to be effective, no further medical studies have been conducted on humans to determine the risk of side effects of using coconut oil in the long term. Therefore, the possibility of side effects can occur.

So you should, consult with your doctor before using coconut oil as a cure for fungal skin infections. The doctor will usually recommend antifungal drugs, such as fluconazole. Maintaining personal hygiene, reducing sugar consumption, and regular consumption of yogurt also supports health recovery from this condition.


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