Dark Lips Even not Smoking ? It’s very possible

Dark lips even not smoking may reduce your appearance There are many reason that can make your lips black. Usually your lips can be blackened and dark due to bad habits.

Here’s 6 Common reason that causes of lip discoloration becoming darker even though you don’t have a smoking habit.

Cause Black Lips even You Not Smoking

darken lips without smoking
Darken lips in women

1. Dry lips

Most of us may already know that dry lips is easily darker especially if you accidentally dampen them. The skin of the dry lips that is always open, makes moisture easy to lose, especially in hot weather. Dry lips can cause them to become chapped and have a chance to darken slowly.

2. Lifestyle and habits

Apart from smoking, another habit that can make your lips darker is drinking alcohol. The acid in alcohol is the reason. Not only that, drinking too much alcohol can cause you to become dehydrated – even though alcohol is a liquid. Meanwhile, one of the effects of dehydration is to make chapped lips and then change the color of the lips to a blacker one.

3. Hyper pigmentation

Another cause of dark lips is hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is a condition in which too much melanin in the body affects skin tone, including the color of your lips. Usually, melanin is formed as a result of too much sun exposure. The face is the part most likely to experience hyper pigmentation because it is often exposed to direct sunlight.

Therefore, it is important for those of you who often do outdoor activities to use sun protection. For the lips, usually some brands of lip gloss or lip balm contain SPF – try to use SPF 30 – which can keep your lips blackened from the sun.

4. Have anemia

Anemia might be the cause of dark lips, this condition is caused because you lack hemoglobin – a substance that carries oxygen and nutrients in the blood. These substances give blood a red color, so that the skin discoloration in several parts, one of which is that the lips can turn darker.

Usually anemia is beginning of symptoms very many disease. So lately if you feel dizzy and your lips turn to darker. We strongly you to eat more nutritional food and get proper sleep. If you feel get worse then you should check up your condition to doctor immediately.

5. Caffeine Addict

If you big fans of caffeine foods and drinks, even you are not smoking this may one of the causes your darker lips.

Caffeine is actually a diuretic that can make you urinate frequently. Too many diuretic substances in the body will cause you to become dehydrated, because fluids continue to pass through the urine. Meanwhile, dehydration can make your lips chapped, unhealthy, and turn darker in color

Then if you starting to think to reduce your caffeine consumption you can read our post in here 6 Simple Tips to Reduce Caffeine Addiction.

6. Using expired cosmetic products

As women I understanding we doing daily activities is not complete without using lipstick. Yes, lipstick is a perfect woman’s appearance. But what happens if the lipstick you use every day actually causes black lips?

Some women love to use their lipstick, even though it’s expired. Even though the lipstick is of bad quality and affect the health of the lips. That why you need to pay attention with your beauty product since it may one of causes the lips to turn black.

7. Poisoning

If you are poisoned, your lips will turn black. Toxins that can cause black lips is mercury, silver, copper, strong alkalis, and various other dangerous metals.

If you feel your lips turn to black so quick and sudden. Remember the previously food or drink you consumption. If it’s coming with dizzy or stomach ache then it indicate you poisoning. Get a help from doctor or clinic to check up and treat your condition

Bottom Line – Dark Lips even Not Smoking

Dark lips without smoking usually is body condition that are not too dangerous, But also it’s might kind of beginning various symptoms if it coming with headache or stomach ache.

In next post we will share how to lighten up your lips naturally, stay tune with us and dont forget to give comment bellow.

Thank you

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