Dates Milk: Benefit for Body and How to Make it

Milk is a nutrient-rich food ingredient. Provide intake of fat, protein and a number of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Because the nutrition is very complete, milk is recommended for regular consumption by children to adults.

Every 1 glass of full cream milk (245 grams), contains 125 calories, 4.7 grams fat, 20 mg cholesterol, 127 mg sodium, 397 mg potassium and 12 grams carbohydrates. In addition, it also contains vitamins A, C, classium and iron.

While dates contain many nutrients such as vitamins A and B6, folic acid, potassium, natural sodium, iron, and magnesium. In one Medjool date, weighing 24 grams, contains 66 calories, 18 grams of carbohydrates with 2 grams of fiber and 16 grams of sugar.

With so many nutritional content, the combination of these two ingredients in Dates Milk certainly provides healthy benefits for the body. Can provide nutritional intake immediately after a day of fasting. It’s just that Dates Milk is not only delicious but also filling. Therefore it is most suitable to be consumed at dawn.

Benefits of date milk for health

dates milk benefit for the body
dates milk benefit for the body

It is no secret that eating dates is very beneficial for the body, especially when consumed every day. Meanwhile, milk also contains the same properties.

Imagine, when milk and dates are processed, will the benefits increase or not be there at all?

Dates milk is processed date palm fruit that offers a myriad of health benefits. Dates contain carbohydrates, protein, B vitamins, iron and potassium. Meanwhile, milk is rich in fat, protein, and a myriad of other vitamins, such as vitamins A, B6, and D.

With a mixture of nutrients and vitamins in both, these are the benefits offered by date milk.

1. Maintain heart health

One of the benefits offered by date milk is good for heart health. The nutritional content in it can actually reduce heart disease triggers.

One of the benefits of eating dates is that it can lower blood pressure until it becomes stable. This is because dates are rich in potassium, but have quite a bit of sodium.

Potassium helps lower blood pressure and helps the body push up sodium, so blood vessels are less distracted.

In addition, the fiber present in dates also helps keep the heart in a healthy condition. Normally, four dates contain 6 grams of fiber which meets more than 30% of the daily requirement.

The mixture of milk which is a source of potassium for the body with dates makes both of them an option for those of you who want to reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Helps relieve constipation

Apart from maintaining heart health, other benefits of date milk are to help relieve constipation. How can?

As previously explained, dates are rich in fiber. If you experience constipation, one way to deal with it is to eat fibrous foods.

The reason is, fiber is not fully digested, but retains water as it passes through your intestines. Then, the water will soften bowel movements and help relieve constipation.

The mixture of milk and dates will make it easier for you to get fiber which can make your bowel pass smoothly through the intestines.

3. Dates milk strengthens bones

The answer is yes. Both milk and dates are rich in calcium. In fact, dates also contain selenium, copper, and magnesium which are to strengthen your bones. Not only bones, this nutrient content also makes teeth stronger.

As you know that consumption of milk can strengthen bones. However, does date milk have the same benefits?

Calcium and magnesium work as a booster to make human bones stronger. In addition, the body also excretes calcium every day and needs new ones to replace lost calcium.

Therefore, you may add date milk which contains high calcium to help meet calcium needs. If you interested how to boost your height before age 25, We have good article that can help you to grow taller.

4. Good for skin health

Who would have thought that consumption of date milk could actually provide benefits for brighter and softer skin. According to research from the Scientific World Journal, dates contain anti-aging properties, namely phytohormones.

This hormone is considered to help reduce the effects of aging which are quite influential.

Meanwhile, when you are going to choose milk you may often see the vitamin D label on the box. In fact, almost all UHT cow’s milk is fortified with vitamin D.

The vitamin D content in milk can also help protect the skin against ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of dry skin and eczema. Therefore, the mixture of milk and dates has a good effect on skin health.

5. Maintain a healthy nervous system

Rich in B vitamins, potassium, and sodium, it turns out that the benefits of date milk can maintain the health of the nervous system. These three nutrients are very necessary for the body to be able to send messages from the body to the brain and vice versa via the nervous system.

What’s more, the ions in sodium and potassium also produce nerve stimulation which helps convey messages from the brain. Therefore, consumption of date milk is a good alternative for those who want their nervous system to stay healthy.

How To Make Dates Milk

The benefits of date milk are indeed numerous and really nutritious for the body, especially when you are fasting in the month of Ramadan.

Dates milk is a concoction of a drink made from cow’s milk and mashed fresh dates. The taste is legit with the distinctive aroma of dates making this drink a popular choice for both breaking and fasting.

dates milk how to make it
dates milk how to make it

To mix Dates with Milk, follow this step

Ingredients needed for 2 glasses of date milk:

  1. 500 ml of UHT milk
  2. 6 Big / Medium dates or 8 small dates
  3. ice cubes (Optional if you prefer cold dates milk)

For dates, you should choose fresh dates that is sticky. If you use small dates, then you can add 2-3 more dates.

How to make dates milk is easy.

  1. Remove dates seeds,
  2. Put in a blender bowl.
  3. Add milk and ice cubes (if you prefer cold milk).
  4. Process until completely smooth usually it takes around 1-2 minutes.

Pour into serving glasses. Serve immediately. If you like a strong sweet taste, you can add honey.

Dates Milk Variation

If you want a thicker texture of date palm milk, then you can add 1 ripe of banana.

Peel the banana, cut it into pieces then blend the banana with milk and dates until it is completely smooth. This smoothies mixture is delicious especially while it’s cold.

You can also replace the milk (250 ml) with plain yogurt. Blender milk, yogurt and dates until smooth and thick. If it is not sweet, you can add a little honey. Enjoy it as soon as it’s made.

Dates Milk Toppings

To add flavor and aroma to Dates Milk, you can add a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or ground ginger. This spice also provides properties to strengthen endurance.

If you want a different sensation, sprinkle with dry roasted coconut. Or the fine shavings of a Navel or lemon peel. The fresh aroma of citrus will make this drink even more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I give dates milk for a baby more than a year?

Yes! if you find out your babies like it than it will be no problem at all. But we strongly not recommended if you add this for baby before 6 Month. Mother Breastfeeding is always perfect milk for baby on that ages. You can visit our post about breastfeeding cold milk in here

Which is kind of dates is good for dates milk?

There’s no necessity of types of dates. But sticky dates is more preferable since it’s pulp contains more water and juicy.

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