Dry Throat in the Morning? Cause, 8 Tips & Treatment

Some people may ask what causes dry throat in the morning. Whereas the day before, he did not feel any problems in his throat. In fact, even in good health, anyone can experience this.

Of course it’s uncomfortable to have a hoarse voice when you just wake up. Especially if there is an important meeting in the morning that requires you to speak in front of many people.

A common cause of dry throat in the morning

dry throat in the morning
dry throat in the morning

Have you ever found yourself speaking with a different tone or voice when you wake up? dry throat is usually somewhat harsh, dry, and has a lower pitch.

dry throat generally occurs because there is a problem with the vocal cords or inflammation of the larynx. Your health condition and activities can also affect the sound of dry throat when you just wake up.

Here’s more specifically cause of dry throat in the morning:

1. Too much activity that take voice

Think again, did you make too much noise in the previous days? Maybe this is the reason your voice is hoarse.

When a person speaks or sings, they use different muscles in the throat or mouth.

As with the use of other muscles, the throat and mouth muscles can cause the vocal cords to become tired, tense, and even injured if they are overused.

dry throat in the morning can occur when you talk, sing, scream, and even cough too much.

Also, speaking in a tone that is higher or lower than your normal tone of voice can also be a cause of dry throat.

To prevent this, after doing some activity that take to much voice you should drink much warm water

2. Smoking Cigarettes’

Smoking habits can also irritate the vocal cords. This is one of the causes of your voice dry throat, including in the morning.

Not only does smoking pose a cardiovascular health risk, smoking also increases the chances of vocal cord disorders in the long run.

Even though it is part of your lifestyle, you need to realize that smoking promotes the growth of polyps in the vocal cords.

This makes the sound that comes out more hoarse and lower.

3. Allergies

Have you ever woken up with a hoarse voice, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing? Could be the cause of dry throat in the morning due to an allergic reaction that hit.

In allergic conditions, mucus can easily enter the throat and irritate the vocal cords. In addition, coughing and clearing the throat to clear the throat also triggers dry throat.


It is a condition when stomach acid rises into your esophagus. Usually GERD causes a heartburn sensation.

When someone has GERD, stomach acid can potentially irritate the throat, vocal cords, and esophagus.

Increased stomach acid can worsen your dry throat in the morning, followed by symptoms of chronic cough, sore throat, and mucus draining down your throat.

How to Threat Dry Throat in the morning

There are times when you can’t control the activity, cause of dry throat in the morning.

However, of course there are alternative around it, such as:

1. Resting the voice for a few days.

One way to restore sound is to rest it for a few days. After you have been making a lot of noise the day before, try to fast your talking or shouting.

2. Drink lots of water, warm water is more recommended

Drink plenty of water to help restore your voice. In addition, the throat can also maintain moisture.

Don’t worry the hoarse voice can return to its original state. However, in the recovery phase, don’t forget not to talk too much.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

For the time being, avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine. Both of these drinks can dry out your throat and make dry throat worse.

If reducing caffeine is not easy for you, then you should try our tips to reduce caffeine addiction

4. Take a shower with warm water

When a hoarse voice strikes in the morning, take a warm bath for the next few days.

Warm water vapor can help open and moisten airways. This simple trick you can do every morning to clear your throat.

5. Stop smoking

One of the causes of dry throat in the morning is smoking. Cigarette smoke that gets into the throat can irritate it. Therefore, stop smoking so that the throat is no longer irritated.

6. Chew gum

Apart from drinking plain water, you can also moisturize your throat with chewing gum.

When the mouth chews gum, automatically increases saliva production so that it can help moisturize the throat.

7. Reduce the cause of allergens

The cause of dry throat is allergens, such as dust. If you notice a dusty room, clean the room so you can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. Including in the corner of the room that may be difficult to reach.

Don’t forget to put on a nose mask when walking as a preventive measure to prevent the voice from getting hoarse.

8. Do not use decongestants to relieve allergies

While it can relieve nasal congestion, decongestants can actually irritate and dry out your throat.

As much as possible avoid its use. You can do the seven steps above to relieve dry throat in the throat.

If the above methods don’t work to relieve symptoms, there may be other causes that are causing your voice to become hoarse.

Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to find out the cause. You can get the right treatment to solve the problem you are experiencing.

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