Ears Hurt When Running with Headphones can be Symptoms of something

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Ears hurt when running with headphones are certainly a bad sign. The symptoms and treatment given vary depending on how serious problem you had.

Disclaimer: The following info and tips are not a substitute for doctor’s advice. For best results, basically you need to take a few days off from the headset and if the ear pain still persists for more than 3 days, we strongly recommend that you visit an ENT doctor.

For those of you who like outdoor sports with music, we have strong reasons so that you don’t use a headset when doing outdoor sports.

Risk of Using Headphones while running

ears hurt when running with headphone
ears hurt when running with headphone

1.Headset Makes isolates you from environments around.

When exercising outside the home such as running on the side of the road, town square and so on. By using a conventional headset that covers the ears, it is not recommended. The reason is because using a headset while exercising will make you not hear any sound.

There are often cases when people are not aware that their surroundings will end up dangerous, for example you will not hear the sound of a horn from a motorbike rider who is in a hurry.

2.Ears should not listen to the headset for more than 1 hour

Often times, it is fun to exercise outside that makes us forget the time. Plus you use the maximum volume because the surroundings are noisy. Habits like this will sooner or later make your hearing ability decrease. It’s good to always give our ears the opportunity to rest after 1 hour of use.

Health risk of Using the Headset Too Often

The sound level is determined in decibels. Normal speech sounds generally have a noise level of around 60 decibels. Meanwhile, loud sounds such as the sound of machines, sounds at building sites, or rock music can reach around 100–120 decibels.

To maintain hearing function, you are advised not to listen to loud or noisy sounds too often. The recommended noise level limit is 85 decibels, with a maximum exposure time of 8 hours per day.

Loud sound can come from many things, and one of them is through the use of a headset. Using a headset too often, especially at high volume, can cause several health problems, including:


Tinnitus is a condition when you hear a buzzing sound. According to several studies, the habit of listening to music using a headset at a high volume for 3 hours or more can increase the risk of tinnitus.

Tinnitus can get worse and impair your hearing if you have been listening to loud sounds for too long or often.

Hearing disorders

Hearing loss can also occur after you’ve been exposed to loud sounds, even if only for a short time. When you have hearing loss, it may be difficult or even impossible for you to hear sounds normally.

Hearing loss is temporary and permanent. Temporary hearing loss is usually short-lived and resolves on its own.

However, permanent hearing loss may occur if you listen to very loud music for a long period of time, especially through a headset.

Hearing loss

The side effect of using a headset which is quite dangerous is hearing loss. This condition usually occurs gradually and is sometimes detected through a hearing test.

Your hearing ability may have decreased or lost if you start to raise the volume when watching a movie, don’t hear voices clearly, or have trouble hearing and understanding other people’s speech.

If you have experienced hearing loss, you may need hearing aids to be able to communicate with other people or hear voices.

Tips for Listening to Music with a Headset

Listening to music using a headset is not prohibited, as long as it is not done excessively. To prevent the side effects of wearing a headset frequently, you can follow the following tips:

  • Adjust volume or music. It is recommended that the volume is not more than 60% of the maximum volume.
  • Avoid using the headset for more than 1 hour.
  • Rest your ear for at least 5 minutes every hour if you use the headset for more than 1 hour.
  • Use Earphone instead headset when doing some outdoor activity. Yes earphone may not give you best coverage detail in music, but to priorities your safety and health use earphone or headset with

Conclusion Include When I Should Visit Doctor?

If the pain inside your ears is occur before 24 hours, you should stop using headset at least for 3 days. If pain is gone you should reduce your daily use or volume while using headset.

At worst case the pain still persistent, you should book a visit to nearest or recommended doctor ENT around you.

If you often wear a headset and experience certain complaints, such as ringing in the ears, often asking the other person to repeat what he said, have to raise the volume when watching television and listening to the radio, or feel pain in the ears, you should immediately get your ear checked by a doctor.

To assess your hearing ability and the condition of your ears, the ENT specialist will perform a series of examinations that include a physical examination of the ear and other investigations, such as a hearing test and audiometry.

If the test results show that you are experiencing ear problems due to using a headset, the doctor will provide treatment according to your condition.

That’s it thank you for visiting missrdu ears hurt when running with headphones, hopefully you can recover soon.


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