Why Face is Oily In The Morning? Know the Reason and How to get rid of it.

Who wouldn’t be annoyed when woke up to see a face full with oil. In fact, all night you do not do any activity, except lying on the bed. The face shouldn’t be oily, right? Then, why after wake up our face is oily in the morning ?

Why Face is Oily in the Morning?

oil face in the morning
oil face in the morning

There are many factor that can cause your face to get oily when you wake up. Starting from factors from within your own body or the beauty products you use.

However, not everyone experiences this. There are some people who just have normal and not too much sebum or oil production at night. In addition, this condition may also be influenced by genetics.

Well, if you have an oily face when you wake up, maybe this is the because:

1. Hormonal conditions

If your face looks shiny when you wake up, it could be due to increased hormone levels at night. So, hormones stimulate the oil glands in the skin to produce more oil.

Actually, oil will naturally be produced all the time so that the skin does not dry out and prevents bacterial infection. Well, during sleep there are hormonal changes that make oil levels overproduced. There are several factors that can also affect the discharge of this sebum at night such as humid weather, stress, and the menstrual cycle.

According to Josua Ziechner, MD, a dermatologist, says that the more humid and warmer weather will increase the production of oil. Likewise during menstruation, hormones will increase and this triggers the productivity of the oil glands so that the face will be more oily, including at night.

2. Skin is too dry

Oily face when you wake up can also be caused by dry skin conditions. So, when your facial skin is too dry at night, oil will be produced overnight so that the skin does not get drier.

Dry skin can be caused by many factors, such as make-up, food and weather. When the skin is too dry, the glands will automatically create more oil to replace the lost water.

Therefore, make sure that your skin is not dry before going to bed so that your face is not oily when you wake up.

3. Excessive facial cleansing

Cleaning your face too often can actually trigger your face to become oily. The purpose of cleaning the face is to remove oil. When you wash your face too often, you will throw too much oil from your skin.

Now, when that happens, the oil glands will detect that the skin is deficient in oil, so that more oil will be produced. We recommend that before going to bed do not wash your face too much, just wash your face once before going to bed.

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How to reduce oily face in the moring

Before going to sleep, always clean your face to clean pores and reduce oil production after activities at night. Use a facial cleanser that is free of oil so that your face doesn’t get more shiny.

Next, use a toner that matches your facial skin type. After using a toner, don’t forget about moisturizing. Maybe some of you are thinking, why use a moisturizer for oily facial skin? Isn’t your face already very moist?

Moisturizer is needed for any skin type from dry to oily. The difference is, for those of you who have oily skin types, use a light, oil-free moisturizer so that it won’t clog your pores. With the presence of a moisturizer, facial oil discharge is also more controlled.

You can also add facial care products at night (night cream) before going to bed which can nourish facial skin. When the skin is properly nourish, the balance of oil gland production will be better.

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