Get Cold After Eating? Probably it’s symptoms of Something.

Get Cold after eating? Although it was uncommon case but base on google search it takes around 720 searches / Month, So you’re not alone.

Basically cold is one of the way our body react to unwanted process / item. A reason may be vary depends on unhealthy habits, heredity, even wrong diet might trigger it.

Various Reason Get Cold After Eating

getting cold after eating
It feel so bad having cold after meal

First of all you should think of food as nourishing medicine for your bodies. While eating can be entertaining, you need to maintain an awareness of what you are consuming and how it effects your healthy condition.

If you get cold after eating you should avoid cold factor, raw foods from your diet. This includes ice cream, cold drinks, salad, frozen foods as well as any vegetables or refrigerated foods that not yet cooked.

Here’s various reason why you might get cold after eating

Too Active before eating

Some patient experienced sudden Cold After Eating, but recently he take some exercising.

If you were recently physically active before having your meal, which generates heat, and then stopped and ate again, the mix of heat lost due to digestion and the loss of blood flow to the skin may cause you to feel cold.

You should give a distance 30 minutes between exercise and having meal. Especially for children, it’s not good idea giving them meal after they playing running.

Food was too spicy and your stomach is not ready.

Even you Food spicy lovers but when your stomach is not ready (ex: in the morning) it might hurt you as well. Many patient who got ulcer problem came with cold fever.

You know your limit. Spicy food might be healthy but when it’s comes to over spicy. It might begin of serious stomach problem.

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Lack of Healthy Red Blood Cell (Anemia)

Even main symptoms anemia is headache but it also come with cold when you lack of healthy red blood.

Especially if you to much consume fast food (burger, french fries, etc), as it unhealthy well processed food. You should drink more milk, and more consume green vegetables.

People with anemia will be difficult to produce enough heat in their body to keep them warm. Usually this might cause cold sweat in your hands, forehead, and legs.

Diabetes will make you feel cold and numb

When you had diabetes, you must be familiar with feel cold or numb, especially in your extremities. Your core body temperature is closely tied with metabolism, and diabetes will wreaks havoc on your metabolic processes. You will bound to sweat, and shiver more than the average person. 

The worst part is usually comes down to your diabetes management. Circulation, insulin levels, nerve problems, and other lifestyle factors could be interfering with your natural heat body.

Since the nerves in your limbs also monitor temperature and send those signals to your brain, it’s not uncommon for hands and feet to feel abnormally cold, too. Coldness from peripheral neuropathy usually come along with other common symptoms.

We strongly recommended you to pay attention with what you eat to reduce Diabetes risk. Since this disease usually come with bad habit food consuming.

Unknown Various Health Condition

Other Health conditions may also be the answer to your question, ‘why do I get cold after I eat’. For instance, you may experience chills after eating due to malnutrition, immune deficiencies like Lupus and AIDS, inadequate intake of energy, lack of iron, folic acid and protein due to diet restriction, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting will all worsen anemia and make patients feel cold and fever.

Recommended Action to Heal Feeling Cold After Eating

Please note this advice is not for replace doctor function, so it’s always important to work with your doctor to identify the underlying cause and determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

For example, you may have to quit smoking if you feel cold and fever due to a blood vessel disorder. Then, you may need medication to improve thyroid function.

Home Remedies You should give a try

In case your chronic coldness is not due to an alarming situation, Here’s some recommended home remedies to improve your immune and reduce cold level.

Take Hot Ginger before meal

Eat some slices of ginger, mix it with hot water and sugar (take it less if you had diabetic) 15 minutes before your meals.Ginger helps improve digestion and improves blood circulation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep sipping hot water during meals.

Consume hot foods to reduce feeling cold after eating.

To avoid getting cold you should consume hot food and beverage. Avoid raw food and always cook your food lightly, whether it is steamed, broiled, or baked. Also include some sweet (wheat, rice, milk), some sour (tomatoes, yogurt, and citrus), and salty foods in your diet.

Please Avoid overeating. 

To full can affect your digestion and make you feel cold after eating. Take a short walk after meal. Take short walks for about 15 minutes or so after eating your meals to improve digestion.

When you should go to Doctor?

If this happen often (ex 3 Times in a week) and since this illness is very annoying your daily activity. You should go to doctor immediately. But if this rarely happen (Ex 1 Times in a month) and coldness is kind in short time you no need to hurry meet your healthy assistant.

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