Hair Laser Comb, Does Is It Really Effective and Work For Re-Growth?

Hair is the crown of the head that is always every body will notice and care, both for men and women. However, various problems often come to our hair, from hair loss to baldness.

Several leading companies have released the latest technology to help you overcome baldness, namely the hair laser comb But is it really work for regrowth? Are this tool is proven to be successful in overcoming baldness? Are there any side effects? Check out the reviews below.

How does the hair growth laser comb work?

does hair lasser comb really work
Even this technology is not very new, but this may work on your hair.

Hair loss is a very common condition that affects almost everyone. Although humans normally lose a few strands of hair every day, there are some people who do not enough experience hair regrowth.

This condition can result in baldness. Some of the factors that influence the occurrence of this condition are age, heredity, hormonal changes, health problems, lack of good nutritional intake, side effects of medication, and stress.

The use of lasers to treat hair loss and baldness has actually been done since decades ago. This therapy is called low-level laser therapy.

In this therapy, the laser will emit photons which will be absorbed by the scalp tissue. These photons will stimulate the follicles on the scalp to grow hair.

Recently, several tools have been created that allow users to perform laser therapy at home. One of them is the hair growth laser comb. This tool is intended for people whose hair loss are quietly severe.

The laser comb which is used for hair growth uses a low level red laser. Each tooth of the comb is designed to emit a laser beam containing photons.

So, every time you brush, the teeth of the comb will reach the scalp, so the laser light can penetrate the scalp properly.

So, do it really effective for reducing hair loss?

A study conducted by Harvard University conducted a study on the effectiveness of one brand of laser hair growth comb. This study was conducted on 146 men and 188 women who suffered from pattern hair loss (pattern hair loss).

This study compared the results of hair loss treatment using laser combs with artificial tools. This mock tool does not use any technology.

After 26 weeks, the results showed that the study participants’ hair used more laser combs than they did. with respondents using imitation tools.

In addition, there are no dangerous side effects from using this tool. Some respondents reported dry skin problems (5.1%), mild irritation (1.3%), and warmth on the scalp (1.3%).

The results showed that this laser comb has been shown to be effective in growing hair and treating baldness. Not only that, its use has also been tested safe and does not cause significant side effects.

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Precautions when using laser hair growth combs

Although this tool has been proven to be safe and effective in treating hair loss, of course there are some things that you should pay attention to before using it.

The first is that you are not advised to use this laser comb while you are undergoing a photosensitizing treatment. These medications cause certain chemical reactions in the body, which make the skin more sensitive to light.

In addition, the safety and long-term effects of this tool have not been studied further. All laser devices, including laser hair growth combs, are classified as medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For this reason, laser therapy devices do not have the same level of monitoring and testing as pre-approved drugs. In addition, the use of this laser is less effective for those with advanced hair loss than for those at an early stage.


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