Having Headache After Asthma Attack? Learn Right Treatment

Many experts say that headache after asthma attack have a close relationship. Is it true that asthma can cause migraines? Medical experts found that people with asthma have a tendency to experience migraines more often than those without asthma.

So, what exactly is the relationship between asthma and migraine besides that they both occur in our heads?

Link Between Asthma and Headache

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Headache after asthma attack is common health issue but not proven yet

Asthma is one of the biggest causes of stress for sufferers and stress is one of the causes of migraines. When we feel pressured by our health conditions or panic when asthma attacks, often headaches accompany it. This condition is normal for asthmatics especially in stressful environments.

Although it hasn’t been proven yet if an asthma attack can trigger a migraine. many asthma patients believe in an asthma headache or headache symptoms occur with shortness of breath.

According to webmd.com, one of the causes of you having migraine when shortness of breath is related to muscle and blood vessel. They are not normal when asthma attacks. In addition, lack of air supply to the brain when an asthma attack cause of headaches that attack you along with asthma.

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The body produces the same chemicals when experiencing migraines and asthma. In fact, these chemicals function to fight inflammation that occurs when both diseases attack you.

What Trigger Asthma Attack along with headache ?

Many psychological thoughts that stresses are one of the triggers for asthma. Actually, asthma can also be triggered by:

  • Allergen
  • Lung infection
  • air irritation
  • weather factor
  • Food and Drink
  • Heavy sports
  • Food allergies
  • etc.

Tips to reduce risk of Asthma

The best way to control asthma is to take precautions, by avoiding the triggers as much as possible.

Although treatment plays an important role in preventing asthma attacks, attention and control to the environment is no less important to note.

Here are some ways that we can do to prevent asthma problems.

  1. Protect your environment from potential allergies
  2. Pay attention to the air.
  3. Avoid Cigarettes
  4. Exercising
  5. Good healthy diet and food

1. Protect the environment from potential allergies

For example, if dust can be a trigger, get rid of dust immediately from a place where we are a lot. And always wear mask to reduce asthma risk potential when you in dusty place

Also If pets are triggers of asthma symptoms, then keep pets out of our reach, or bathe pets more often.

2. Pay attention the air

If we already know that air pollution can trigger asthma, then immediately take action on the pollution that is around us. Clean the room, or move to a different place. Maybe we can move from a closed room, and reduce the activity in the room.

It’s always good and smart option to had air purifier in your room. Air purifier is proved clean your air and make it healthier.

3. Avoid cigarettes

If you are not smokers, then you must avoid this dangerous smoke pollution. Conversely, if we are smokers, then the bad habits should be stopped immediately. Smoking is the worst action for the lungs, especially for people with asthma.

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4. Exercising

This step is the best tips for maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, if we are susceptible to sports activities, immediately consult a doctor, to find out how to manage asthma symptoms. If we relapse during games or sports, stop what we are doing until it is completely calm. Or, take / use medicine as soon as possible. When the asthma symptoms is reduce. you can return to exercise with slower rate.

5. Good healthy diet and food

Once again it might sound boring, but seriously good healthy diet take important part in your asthma disease. Before starting good healthy diet, You’ve to understand the allergies that you may occurs.

Basically having good diet is simple by balancing fruit, and vegetable in your meal. Avoid late food after 7 PM and don’t overeat.

Bottom Line – Headache after Asthma Attack

Keep in note, asthma does not prevent us from doing anything we like. If we really recognize the symptoms and triggers of asthma. Like maintain the triggering factors properly, and consume right drugs, and control it to doctor regularly. Then you can do your activity without a hitch.

If all your complaints get worse, visit your doctor for further examination. So proper treatment can be given immediately.


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