How to heat Almond Milk (Boil or Heat at Microwave)

Almond milk Differs from Cow milk, However it heating method is like Cow milk, with gentle heat, it will heat up and will give a yummy flavor of roasted Almonds.

Almonds milk Don’t Have Any Cholesterol and Lactose, And this is the comparative advantage of this Almonds milk which its produces are highlighting within the Cow milk.

Like other dairy milk, almond milk will score if you boil at too high a temperature (you’ll understand when boiling over heat it will form a skin).

And please careful when heating almond milk, cause you will spoil the milk with biter taste if it overheat

How to boil almond milk

boil almond
boiling almond milk with using pan and skillet

· Add water to the bottom pan, and put another boiling pan onto it, then put it on warmth, by this way the almond milk will get chucked. Better to set the warmth in between medium-low.

· For the best results, make sure to stir your almond milk while heating. You will notice when the almond milk is ready since it’s going to be marginally steaming and hot to touch.

How to heat almond milk with microwave

heating almond
heating almond milk with microwave

· You can heat the Almond milk in a microwave oven and then make it boiled. Better to place the folded paper towel, to avoid spitting. Best time to heat is 30 seconds and put the energy on 50%.

Extra Tips Don’t freeze Almond milk

Sometimes you may will continue drinking almond milk in tomorrow morning. It’s okay but make sure you not take it into freezer.

Freezing almond milk causes the product to separate. When thawed, it will not look very nice and it messes with the consistency so avoid doing it.

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