What Does Inner Beauty mean (INNER BEAUTY GUIDE & TIPS)

If we throwback in event Miss Universe, the panelist always said inner beauty is matter, so what does inner beauty mean? and how to develop this?

Inner beauty is not easy like go to spa or salon. We have to develop it by process for long time.

So What Does Inner Beauty Mean?

A research journal entitled “inner beauty – The Friendship-Hypothesis” by Dr. Lisa Schmalzried, reveals several theories from philosophers about what inner beauty is. Plato initiated that inner beauty defines beautiful people because of their good morals.

As for other philosophers like Reid or Gaut, kindheartedness is not only about moral goodness but is also closely related to intelligence, a sense of humor, and optimism that one has.

Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher believes that if someone has good morals just because he wants to look beautiful or goodness and does not sincerely to do it, then that person is not kind people who has kindheartedness.

In simple words inner beauty mean something beautiful inside you. It was closely related to good morals and how you threat other people with goodness and sincerity.

6 Sign of inner beauty

Keep in note and practice every day, in order to develop kindheartedness in you.

Inner beauty is not about on our skin, white or black it doesn’t matter. It’s like power when you smile, make person around you not bored to see your face.

inner beauty smile 1
kindheartedness is something that can’t be measure, we only can feel it

1. Positive and Optimism Person

One of the most obvious signs of inner beauty is when your presence makes the people around you get enthusiast and happy .

Your optimism will be needed in society, company. kindheartedness is like a magnet that attract the people around you.

2. Natural Smile that loved by every one

You maybe already know about this, that we can measure smile. Unnatural smile will give you awkward moment. Woman who had kindheartedness know how to use sincerity smile.

smile comparison inner beauty
Inner beauty smile is simple and loose. source: brightside

Give a positive impact on the people close to you with sincerity smile. Maybe you need to train your smile by using mirror before giving them to people around you.

After you ready try it, if you see a friend or someone give them your best smile, your smile transmits positive spirit and in return their will smile on you too!..

People who have kindheartedness can touch the feelings of those around them through their small actions.

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3. Simple and Gracefully

Another sign of inner beauty is not too excited in appearance especially in expensive brand that not worth it.

inner beuty woman
inner beauty woman clothes

Women who have kindheartedness are not so focused on the clothes and makeup they wear.

Also woman who kindheartedness will priority the comfortable dress and avoiding contrast color. Most of them will loved pastel color.

In addition, a woman with kindheartedness will not worry about her eye makeup getting damaged when she wants to swim in the sea. Thus also, she not afraid to do something new and free herself to take every opportunity.

4. Always Be Yourself

Pride of being yourself is another sign of kindheartedness.

The thing that makes a woman different from other women is when she doesn’t try to be someone else and go with the flow, but has her own style.

In the end, women who have kindheartedness make makeup and fashion as a complement to their style and are not bound by the existence of these beauty tools.

5. Have Empathy for Others

inner beauty emphaty
Show love and caring is kind of kindheartedness

What makes a person have kindheartedness is when she has empathy for others and will help the problems of the people around her.

Although it cannot help directly, the willingness to listen to other people’s problems is a form of caring that makes woman had an inner beauty.

6. Accept and Understanding the Difference

Having the though to accept differences is another sign of kindheartedness.

Today there’s many people are not able to tolerate the differences. That why this making it a problem. Terrorism and war is kind of people who can’t understand the difference or tolerance.

Willingness to accept differences and remain friends with those who are often marginalized by society is a true form of beauty.

Why Inner Beauty is more important than Outer Beauty

Most of good men will choose woman who had kindheartedness inside them. For example Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckeberg wife.

melinda gates
Bill and Melinda Gates
priscilia chan e1592457694813
Priclllia and Mark Zuckerberg

With their wealth and status, of course Bill and Mark can choose models or actress to be their wives. But Melinda and Pricilia have something that other women didn’t had. That is kindheartedness that can attract Mark and Bill.

Here’s several reason why inner beauty is matter than outer beauty

  • Outer beauty will reduce by time and aging. meanwhile Inner beauty is long lasting..
  • Make up Outer beauty Cost thousand dollar than kindheartedness is by process and almost free.
  • Outer beauty is usually close to arrogant meanwhile kindheartedness is usually humble person.

As we can see mostly a relationship build by kindheartedness is last forever. Because it’s beauty inside it will not reduced by time.

It’s time for you to shine girls, practice every day to build your inner beauty. 😉

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