Is Coconut oil vegetable oil ? FUN FACT about it

Is coconut oil vegetable oil same? That is often ask by many people, especially housewives are confuse by the various brands in market. Since kind of oil they sell are cooking oil or vegetable oil has it own pros and cons. To answer it MissRdu has summarized it for you.

Is Coconut Oil vegetable oil?

Definitely Yes, Coconut oil is one of vegetable oil. Basically everything that is made of from nature vegetable then it will be family of vegetable oil.

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Fun Fact about Coconut Oil

coconut oil is vegetable oil
natural ingredient in coconut oil didn’t always mean healthy for consuming

Even it’s delicious for cooking better use another vegetable oil

Strong and delicious aroma is often the reason why many people use coconut oil for cooking, frying, and baking cakes. Actually it contains saturated fat reaching 90% which increases the risk of heart disease.

Superb for moisturize dry skin and hair.

Therefore it is not recommend to use this oil regularly because of the contents contained in it. Oh yes this type of vegetable oil from coconut, has a function to thicken the volume of hair, to moisturize dry skin.

If you decide to use coconut oil as a beauty product, Little Things recommends that you use organic, cold, pure pressed coconut oil. So you will avoid smearing any type of preservative that can harm the skin. Store your coconut oil properly in the refrigerator for long lasting product.

This oil can kill harmful microorganisms.

Medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that can help protect the body and skin against harmful microorganisms. This is certainly very important for skin health. Many types of skin infections, including acne, cellulitis, folliculitis and athlete’s foot, are cause by bacteria or fungi.

Applying coconut oil directly to the skin can prevent the growth of these microorganisms due to its lauric acid content. One study from NCBI tested the antibacterial properties of 30 types of fatty acids against 20 different strains of bacteria. Lauric acid is found to be the most effective in inhibiting bacterial growth.

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