Is milk a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture? And Why?

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Milk appears to be homogeneous. But when we examined with using a microscope, it consists of tiny globules of fat. Then Milk protein dispersed in water that was kind like heterogeneous.

Before we settle down in deep explanation about is milk a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture. You should understand that milk is colloid solution.

Why milk is Colloid Solution?

Milk is unique colloid because they act like homogeneous mixtures but somewhat are like heterogeneous mixtures. That’s why milk is seems confusing since they act like that.

Milk particles are very light that they do not settle on the bottom (it related to Brownian motion) but heavy enough to separated by centrifugal

They are small enough distinguished with visual aid. But large enough to scatter light (that is why milk is white).

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So, Is milk a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

Definitely milk is heterogeneous because milk are non-uniform solutions. Milk can be separate into two (or more) individual substances with using physical means. Homogeneous mixtures can not archive this.

A glass of ice water is also kind of heterogeneous mixture because we can easily separate the ice from the liquid water by using filtration method.

Principle is mixtures of two or more solids, like as salt and sugar, can be separated by microscopic inspection and sorting.

More complex operations are usually necessary, though. Easy example is like when separating gold nuggets from river gravel by panning.

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Source: Muhammad Hassan

First solid material is filter from river water. Then the solids are separate by manually inspection.

If gold embed inside rock, Then it will be isolated using chemical methods if necessary.

With milk, you have white particulates that give a non-uniform solution. That make a reason why milk is heterogeneous mixture.

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source: Chem Library Text

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