How to look Taller for Men (Fashion Hack your Height!)

We will share Tips how to look Taller for Men, Fashion that can you help you more confident in styling outfit.

Before we start keep in note that there’s nothing wrong with you or your height, Some people are struggling how to impress other people but they forged to thankfully what God give.

You might be know this that after age 25, increase height naturally is nearly impossible, but there’s still a chance to hack your height with using aesthetic tips that can help you look taller than you actually are.

Fashion Tips that make you look Taller

You may interested in guide how to grow taller naturally, you may check this post ultimate guide how to grow taller fast

Wear fitted clothes

fitted man

If you are not too fat wearing fitted cloths will make you slimmer, It will prevent baggy areas on your cloth. See the picture for example.

Sometimes when you getting trouble for finding fitted outfits, you might better find good tailor and customized it.

You don’t always need to spend hundred bucks for branded outfits, you should try spend few buck in tailor.

Vertical is better than horizontal stripes

photo of man standing near flowers 2635315

Horizontal stripes on cloths will make you appear wider meanwhile vertical stripes will make you appear taller

Wear Short Jacket

Simple short jacket will make you look taller. Don’t wear jacket that come too far past from your waist. Normally jacket should hang at the length as your wrist.

You can compare this picture to see short jacket will make you look taller.

Wear Monochromes Style

man 748733 640

Try casual clothes with dark colors, especially gray. Avoid large motifs or logos to keep your appearance minimalism.

Add Accessories in upper body

Add interesting accessories in the middle of your body to the head, such as hats, pockets on clothes, glasses, pins, and others.

The goal is to avoid the eyes looking at your short legs. Dark monochrome colors for the legs will also give the impression of longer legs.

Don’t wear belt or Vest with contrast

Contrast belt will divide your body into two. It’s mean your body will look shorter, and away from the overall long lines of your frame.

So it’s better to avoid them. But if you need to wear belt to make your body slim then you should wear belt same color or pattern as your outfit

Add Height in your hair style.

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Rick Rolled Astley

Hair Is Excellent opportunity to make you appear taller. You might didn’t know how many people actually style their hair purposely to gain more height.

According internet Rick Astley Height is around 1.7 M which is standard in US male Height. And Height of the hair is appear almost half the length of his face, giving him approximately 2.5 inches additional height.

Stop Slouching, Fix your Posture

people 2559042 640
Slouching slow but sure

One of commonly bad habits is slouching. When working, reading, and soon it will impact in your walking posture, slow but sure.

Slouching person will reduce height up to 2 inch also it’s not cool when younger person is slouching.

We have tactic tips to prevent you from slouching, read it well this post.

Pick right shoes

Increase height by using ticker soles is kind smooth and clever idea. You no need to tip toes in order to increase height, it really embarrassing isn’t it?

Some celebrities or Famous people have been caught standing on their tip toes to increase height in photographs.

obama tip toe
source: english blog

When choosing shoes to make you taller, actually there 2 point you need to note before buying it.

First Point.

In order to creating a visual streamline from the neck, down to the foot, you need a shoe that’s going to help you elongate the visual.

Today Big and bulky shoes will make you look funny and short.

You should buy a shoe with an elongated toe box and a gradual taper, may little pointy but not too boxy.

Second Point:

It’s about matching color pattern. You need a shoe that does not too contrast with trousers.

If your pants had the same color as your shoes will make eye more difficult to distinguish where the leg ends and the foot begins. The goal is making your legs looks longer.

For example, navy sneakers perfect with dark wash jeans.

This strategy same applies for summer outfit as well.


To know that there’s nothing wrong with you and your height is the most important in this post.

History has shown to us many times that height has nothing to do with success. You can be famous and successful no mater how your height is.

That’s why I picked the picture of Rick Astley for this post. He’s 1.7 m and man, he’s one of the most popular singer in the world.

Accept what god gives will make you happier than before.

If you’re well dressed and confident, you will had respect, no matter how short or tall you may be.

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