Menopause Skin Rash: Cause, Prevention, Tips 6 Food to Avoid

Menopause will definitely happen to everyone usually in age above 40th. In addition when will menopause starting is different for each person, menopause can also cause different symptoms.

One Symptoms that is often experienced by women just before menopause is the appearance of a red rash on the skin. But is it true, skin rash due to menopause?

Can menopause cause a itchy skin rash?

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Indeed, before menopause, one of the most noticeable changes for women is the condition of your skin. Especially women skin is thinner than men. That is make easy wrinkles and more prone to skin disease in old ages.

However, there is no definite evidence that menopause is the main factor causing the appearance of red rashes on the skin. However, hormonal changes that occur in the body may be the effect that makes you experience these symptoms.

Women have a major hormone called estrogen which functions to support the development of the reproductive organs and keep them healthy. The hormone estrogen also helps keep skin elastic and looks young.

When women enter menopause, the body will experience a reduction in the amount of estrogen. This decrease in estrogen can cause hot flashes, which is a condition in which a person feels a sensation of intense heat from within the body.

This phenomenon also makes women more sensitive to changes in temperature, especially heat. As a result, a red rash or rash appears on the skin in reaction to the burning sensation.

In addition, a person’s skin is getting older, the thinner it will be. This makes the skin more at risk of tearing and bruising. Loss of estrogen can also cause dry skin which makes it more sensitive to irritation.

The rash that appears can also occur due to an allergy to the face wash you use, itching due to stress, or other medical conditions.

How menopause prevent itchy skin rash ?

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Although this condition is normal, there are several treatments you can take to at least reduce the chance of its appearance.

Of course, you still have to do skin care every day, especially considering that your skin becomes more prone to problems. Menopause skin rash is not only the problem. Other skin disease can occurs in staring this conditions such as black spots and hair growth on the face. Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Use sunscreen every time you travel

One of the problems that often women before menopause besides rashes is the appearance of black spots which can be caused by a reaction to sun exposure.

To prevent this, use sunscreen before you go outside. Choose products that have a broad spectrum label with an SPF of 30 or more so that skin protection can be optimized.

2. Consultation with a dermatologist

As you get older, your risk of various diseases also increases, including skin cancer. In order to anticipate in advance, make an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist for an examination.

3. Use a moisturizer

As explained above, reducing the hormone estrogen can cause skin to become drier. So, your risk of experiencing a red rash due to irritation is higher.

Therefore, use a moisturizer to help your skin stay hydrated. Choose a non-perfumed moisturizer so it doesn’t cause further irritation.

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4. Drink More Water

Not only improve your immune, drinking water will also have an impact on the health of your skin. Just like other cells in the body, skin cells are also made of water. Ensuring that the skin is properly hydrated must also be done from the inside, right?

Food to Avoid when Menopause Skin Rash

Consumption of seafood, nuts and salt should be avoided first because they can stimulate more itching. Here some list you can use as guidelines for menopause skin rash choosing foods.

1.Histamine foods

Histamine is a nutrient in food that can cause itchy skin. Therefore, avoid products that contain histamine, such as canned fish, smoked fish, soy sauce, beer, vinegar, mayonnaise naise, wine and sausages, as well as fermented foods that are high in histamine. .

2. Seafood

Another category of food that can increase itchy skin problems is seafood. Many people are allergic to seafood. This is caused by antibodies that detect the protein content in seafood that is harmful and not accepted by the body, causes allergic skin rashes.

3. Foods that increase histamine

There are certain foods that tend to stimulate the amount of histamine in the body. This can make your skin rash worse. For that avoid foods like, chocolate, strawberry i, egg whites, oranges and lemons, nuts, milk and many more.

4. All dairy products

Avoid all dairy products if you suffer from an itchy rash on your skin. Because the protein casein and beta-lactoglubin in milk are known as the main allergens, they can stimulate an allergic reaction. Therefore, avoid consuming yogurt, cheese and creams to accelerate cure skin rashes.

5. Nuts

Eating nuts can worsen the itching of the skin rash. Because peanuts can cause your allergic reaction to appear.

6 Reduce consumption of salt

Consuming excessive salt can dry out the skin, causing itching and irritation. For this reason you should reduce salt intake for a few days when you have an itchy rash.

Bottom Line

Surely menopause will happen to every one, no one can avoid it. The best act to facing it is by acceptance and doing some good daily habits. Like exercise or consuming healthy food.

Once again menopause skin rash is normal, but if you find this disturb your daily activities you should consult with dermatologist before choosing the right product to use in your daily skin care routine.

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