Natural Recipe to Kill Ants +Prevent it Coming Again

Upset with ants everywhere? Try various ways to repel ants with these simple natural recipe to kill ants.

An effective way to get rid of ants with simple ingredients

Your toddler likes to bite toys, even though his mouth has just devoured food. As a result, the ants are soon clustered and you are busy cleaning it. Mother needs to quickly repel these ants, before your toddler plays the ants.

Try a number of ways to get ants gone quickly, some of which use natural ingredients.

Natural recipe to kill ants

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Their instinct is to survive and collect food

1. Corn flour

Sprinkle corn flour (or often called cornstarch) near the ant nest. The ant will die after eating it because cornstarch will expand in its stomach and cannot be digested by the ant.

2. Vinegar and pepper

Ants don’t like the aroma of vinegar and pepper. Sprinkle ground pepper or spray vinegar around it to keep ants away.

3. Coffee powder

It turns out that sprinkling coffee grounds can also expel ants effectively. The fragrant aroma of coffee actually does not like ants.

In addition to the powder, coffee grounds sprinkled in the garden will also keep ants away from your favorite plants.

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4. Cloves

Another way to get rid of ants is to use cloves. Again, ants don’t like the smell.

5. Lemon

Lemon can be an ingredient in how to expel ants at home

Mix the juice of lemon juice with enough water, put it in a spray bottle and use it as a multifunctional spray solution that can be applied to a place where ants pass frequently or in every corner of the room

The aroma of orange will outwit them!

Keep in note never add Sugar when you Juice your lemon. Otherwise it will attract more ants (Lol)

6. Betel leaf

Betel Leaf can also be a way to expel ants

The aroma of betel leaves is hated by ants. Squeeze a betel leaf and place it near the anthill. They will soon move to another place.

7. Eggshell

Surprisingly, eggshell is effective to drive away ants.  It’s easy start by roast the eggshells until they are black, mash until smooth and spread to the anthill.

8. Water Soap

Since water soap is easy to get in any house hold and environment safely. Water soap is also include in list Natural ingredients to Kill Ants.

You might can guess how to do it. It’s very simple mix enough water and soap or detergent, put it in a spray bottle for easy use. Spray this liquid directly into the ant entrance or directly into the nest.

9. Chili Powder

How to get rid of ants at home with natural ingredients and the last resort is, chili powder or can with ground pepper. The spicy aroma is not liked by ants, so it is believed to expel ant in minute.

How to expel it, put the powder in a small container. Then place it near the nest or near food that ants are likely to target.

How to Prevent Ants from Coming

Basically ant interested with sugar or food that not well container. So the best way to prevent ants from coming to your house is by improve your cleanliness. Here’s the detail step:

1. Immediately clean the remaining fat and seasonings from cooking utensils in the kitchen.

2. Don’t delay cleaning up spilled drinks and falling food.

3. Make sure to store food in a tightly closed container.

4. Closing the cracks and holes in the house which is suspected as an ant hiding.

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Bottom Line

Since there are numerous tactics to prevent ants coming to your house, some of them may only to prevent ant for temporary like lemon or chili powder. If you looking for to reduce or kill ants in your house I strongly suggest to use corn flour or water soap.

But if your goal prevent ant coming to your plant then water soap is not good choice. It will harm your plants. Try with Lemon Water or chili powder

However preventing is always best solution. If you always keep your house clean and tidy, any ant, mouse or cockroach will likely hate your house.

Those are some simple tips for maintaining the comfort of your home. How to get rid of ants with natural ingredients and easy to practice, good luck.


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