6 Simple Tips to Reducing Coffee Addiction

Reducing coffee Addiction is a difficult thing to do for coffee addict. The key to reduce coffee addiction is patient. You don’t have to totally not consuming it at all, most of all this strategy is fail cause Our body demands coffee so much meanwhile our strong will is weak. You have to reduce it slowly. See the explanation of how to reduce coffee.

What is the impact if we are addicted to coffee?

how to reduce coffee addiction
Coffee is healthy as long as you’re not over consume it

Coffee has indeed become a semi-basic necessity for most people. There is nothing wrong with coffee, unless you have a big dependence on coffee which will have unhealthy effects on the body. Coffee addiction is not a good thing even though it contains many useful substances.

Coffee basically plays a disease-fighting role with the antioxidant content in it. But it will be obtained if consumed in reasonable amounts. A reasonable dose of coffee consumption will have a good impact on the body, among others, can increase focus and increase productivity.

However, over consuming caffeine will result in reducing your concentration because caffeine make restlessness and anxiety, and leading to poor sleep quality. High consumption of caffeine from coffee can also trigger the body’s stress response. In fact, your coffee habits may affect the quality of your sleep, so you may want to switch to other drink alternatives. Try some of the following ways to reduce coffee.

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Tips How to Reduce Coffee Addiction:

Here’s simple tips that you can practice daily to reducing coffee addiction

Reduce gradually and slowly.

There is no way to reduce coffee in an instant. Make a goal where you reduce coffee slowly, for example, drink only 1 cup of coffee a day. The following week, a week only drank 4 cups of coffee. By doing this gradually, you will find new habits that can replace your coffee addiction. You can also get caffeine sources by eating chocolate or drinking tea.

Find other drinks that are healthier

Even if you consume decaf (Free Caffeine Product), In fact there is still a caffeine content of 2 to 25 mg per cup of coffee.

Try to find a good drink substitute at the same time. You may want to try other warm drinks that are caffeine-free, such as herbal teas or even warm lemon water, which are good for your health.

Drink more water.

Drinking water is much more beneficial than drinking coffee. Water can also be used as a way to detoxify the body. The movement of drinking water is also the same as the reflex movement of holding a coffee cup.

Get enough sleep 8 hour in a day.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, most people don’t get enough sleep and many overcome this by drinking copious amounts of caffeine, given that one of the stimulant effects of coffee is that it produces energy in the body. You need to find energy in other ways, first and foremost by getting enough sleep and rest. Some other ways are to take a nap and exercise regularly

You should try Milk

Milk is good idea to reduce caffeine addiction. If you really difficult to quit You can start by combining milk and coffee, then slowly reduce amount coffee to pure milk.

By drinking hot drinks can also be body therapy in the morning. Change your coffee drinking habits with other hot drinks such as warm chocolate, warm herbal teas, or even almond milk.

Keep yourself busy with healthy activities

Do yoga, meditation, or massage with the aim of relaxing your body. These activities will help you replace the level of concentration and energy you get from caffeine.


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