Best sleep position for height growth and posture

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It’s important to understanding best sleep position for height growth, cause it will effect in bone posture. But Actually good sleep it’s not just about 8 hours sleep. By using right sleep position you will gain advantages in increase rate your height.

While you sleeping your body automatic will repair the spin and extended. That’s why usually being taller in the morning.

Before we explain good position while sleeping, let me share to you how important posture it.

Why It’s important to had good posture?

Our back spine has a natural curvature. It’s has be designed by over millions year through evolution.

There’s a reason why it’s curved, it’s bring benefit maintain gravity while we are walking on two legs. a straight spine could not able do this.

The problem is that when laziness can cause muscle weakness and the spine to curve more than it should do, this is poor posture will not just unpleasing on the eye, but also it affect on your height, it will reduce height up to 1 – 2 inch.

What is Relation sleep and posture?

Research proven that the average person suffers from poor posture resulting in 1 inch of height loss 

Basically the first important thing about sleeping is make sure your comfortable. Then if you are still young it’s really matter having good night sleep without being woken to maximize your secretion production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Sleeping in a poor position will make your posture worse. there’s a guarantee about that. Use sleeping as a chance to correct and repair poor posture and prevent too much curvature of the spine.

Best Sleep Position For Height Growth

Like we said before, Sleeping position is also important on hormone growth. If the sleeping position is unbeneficial, it will make hormone performance unstable in result can inhibit height growth. Here’s The list best sleeping positions for height growth you can do:

1. Soldier (Straightening the Body)

How to sleep properly that support height growth is can be done with straightening the position of the back to the legs.

Recommended to use a bed that tends to be bit hard textured. Using a soft bed might cause the back to sink too deeply which can cause bends in your back which is slow down growth in height.

2. StarFish (Supination)

Sleeping with your face facing up or we usually called this supine position is very good for growth and shaping the body so as not to bend over. When the body position is supine, so that the position of the body is like a person who is standing upright. When in this position avoid body positions to bend the legs.

3. FreeFaller (Pronation)

This position can be done by lying down with your face facing the pillow and your body upright. Prone position can stimulate height growth and can also provide health, especially in the joints, knees and waist.

4. Sleep on Side (Lateral / Foestus)

leaning side position is done by lying on the side and given a heavy support on the shoulders and hips. This position is one of the favorite positions of most people. By sleeping on your side on your back, the body will feel comfortable and can help from the process of height growth.

So what is best sleep position to fixing bad posture and increase height?

Sleep position to increase height
source: HeightDB

As you can see Foetus position is the most favorite people in the world. it’s fine as long as the head positioned in way it is not too far forward. Soldier position also fine position to increase height and fixing poor posture.

Keep remember when you sleep:

  • Always ensure your comfortable for quality sleep.
  • never use broken mattress (not flat) please have a good mattress so your spine retains it in natural shape.
  • thick pillow which results in your head being pushed too far forward, so better don’t use it. Especially if your in a soldier position, choose a thin pillow.
  • Don’t use no pillow, this will cause your head to tilt back which pushes your chin forward, resulting is poor curvature of the neck.
  • Your knees should not be locked straight in any position.
  • If in foetus position, use a thick enough pillow to prevent your head moving to the side.


Like we discussed in above Best sleep position for height growth and posture is very important. Especially when you are in golden period.

There’s some recommended sleeping position like Foetus and soldier position. but the priority is always your comfortable.

Cause you will loss more benefit having good sleep if you force yourself in recommended position.

We had a guide about how to increase height fast and naturally that you may interested in here. Well Thank for reading article best sleep position for height growth.

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