Spicy food & Constipation: Did it relatable and safe?

One of the digestive disorders that we most often experience is constipation. This health problem makes the stomach feel uncomfortable. To overcome this, some people choose to eat very spicy foods.

This is because rumor that after we eat spicy food, defecation becomes smooth or even becomes diarrhea. So, can eating spicy food is really cure constipation?

Can spicy food cause constipation?

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Surely no one can resist it, But does it really good for our body?

Health experts say that foods with a very spicy taste like chili sauce can help make bowel movements smoother. Mostly, defecating that we experience will turn into diarrhea. Indeed, this will be powerful enough to deal with torturous constipation, but actually we only solve one problem by creating another.

Although it can help to empty the stomach, diarrhea can actually signal an infection in the digestion. It could because of the spicy content food that irritates the digestive tract. If the body can deal with this irritation, then diarrhea can heal itself, but in some cases, this diarrhea can get worse and have fatal effects on health.

Instead of eating spicy food, health experts advise us to increase our intake of water, especially warm water, eat fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, and do lots of physical activity. Water can help soften the stool, which becomes harder due is not removed from the body. Fiber can help improve digestion, and exercise can stimulate contraction of the intestinal muscles to remove body waste.

If you often experience complaints of constipation, you might try some of the following ways to deal with constipation.

How to Treat Constipation at Home

Here are some ways to treat constipation naturally at home:

1. Increase Fiber Intake

Increasing the intake of fiber in the food you consume can facilitate digestion and make the stool texture denser, so that the stool is pushed out of the intestines more quickly.

Some fibrous food choices that are good for consumption to treat constipation are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Please note, avoid foods or drinks with a high gas content, such as milk, soft drinks, fatty foods, and certain vegetables such as radishes and cabbage. This kind of food will make your stomach feel bloated.

2. Consume more water

Lack of drinking water can make the dirt in the digestive tract harden, making it difficult to expel it during defecation. To deal with constipation, you can drink plain water or mineral water at least 8 glasses per day.

In addition to dealing with constipation, drinking enough water can also keep you from dehydration. The need for water in the body can be measured by looking at the color of urine.

If your urine is dark yellow, this is a sign that you’re body lack of water. We strongly encourage you too drink water more often.

3. Increase physical activity or sports

Exercise or physical exercise can increase the movement of muscles in the digestive tract or intestines. Therefore, you can exercise regularly, for example by walking around the yard of the house for 15-30 minutes every day to improve digestion and overcome complaints of constipation.

4. Avoiding the habit of holding back bowel movements.

This case usually happen for office worker. When they had feeling to digestive, they hold it back until it really giving pain. Give yourself sufficient time to defecate. Avoid rushing or procrastinating when you want to defecate. Forming this habit can help facilitate bowel movements.

5. Using Epsom salt

Epsom salt can also be used to treat constipation. The magnesium sulfate content in Epsom salt when dissolved in water can treat short-term constipation.

You can dissolve about 3-5 teaspoons of Epsom salt in 250 ml of warm water, then mix it and drink. For children aged 6-12 years, dissolve 2 teaspoons in warm drinking water.

However, this method is ineffective for long-term treatment and is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

Apart from being drunk, Epsom salt can also be used for bathing. To do this, mix 350 Epsom salts in a bathtub with warm water.

When bathing, the mineral content in Epsom salt water can penetrate your body and improve your digestion system.

6. Using olive oil

Olive oil can make stools softer, making bowel movements easier. You can mix one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a glass of lemon juice and drink it.

Also, olive oil can be used as a salad mixture. However, keep in mind that olive oil should not be used to treat long-term constipation.

7. Consuming caffeine

The caffeine content in coffee, tea, and dark chocolate can stimulate the muscles in the digestive system to contract. This effect allows caffeine to improve digestion and stimulate you to have a bowel movement.

However, you are not advised to consume excessive caffeine. This is because caffeine also triggers more and more frequent urination, leading to dehydration. If you already caffeine addict you may follow these guideline step by step to reduce caffeine consumption.

You just need to drink one glass of caffeinated drinks per day and balance it by drinking more water to maintain your body fluid intake every day.

Should I drink Laxatives?

You should try 2 or 3 methods above before drink laxatives. It always worth to try to do on point 1, 2, 3. It’s very simple, drink more water, consume more fiber and do outdoor activities In my case Sit Up exercise movement is good for digestive problem.

In addition to the methods for dealing with natural constipation above, you can also use over-the-counter laxatives or bowel-release drugs. However, it’s important to always read the packaging label first to find out the correct dosage and how to consume it.

If indeed this method is still not able to help overcome constipation, it is better if we do not rush to take laxatives. Although it can help with constipation, it may damage the body’s natural waste disposal mechanism. we will rely on laxatives just for the sake of defecating.

Immediately go to the doctor if it is still difficult to defecate. The doctor will diagnose what is the main cause of this problem and provide the right medication or therapy to solve it.

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