How to stop growth in Height? Sharing and Tips

Well we notice there’s some people searching how to stop growth in height. Our assumption they already enough height and worrying about they appearance.

It’s okay, First of all you’ve to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you or with your height. It’s not kind of disease. Accepting what god give may give you delightful feeling.

Actually how to stop growing taller before age 20 is nearly impossible. But we still can reduce Human Growth Hormone since this hormone is essential key in growing height.

If you read our previous article how to growth taller naturally is about how to increase HGH naturally but since we need to reduce our HGH you can follow opposite instruction. Keep in note do it at your own risk.

Tips to Stop growth taller

Food that can reduce growth in height

1. Sugar

The most number one inhibitor of human growth hormone is sugar. When you consume sugar, your stomach absorbs it into the bloodstream, then it will impact boosting your blood glucose.

To counter over consume sugar, the body will increases the secretion of insulin.And another hormone that increases when you consume sugar is somatostatin. Nah samatostatin will slower growth hormone HGH production.

According to the American Heart Association(AHA), Ideal sugar consumtion for men is : 150 calories/ days (around 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoon) and for women is : 100 calories/days (around 25 grams or 6 teaspoon) source

Keep in note to much sugar is always bad for healthy, but even worse before bed time (Auto diabetes in short time)

2. Caffeine

Sugar and Caffeine
Sugar and Caffeine

Yes 100% is in coffee– Caffeine will increasing adrenaline and energy may sound like a champion scenario. However, coffee will puts our body into a more catabolic state rather than anabolic.

Consume caffeine in the evening will like first step into insomnia. Less sleeping will effect on your Human Growth Hormone producing. It’s mean there will be a chance reduce your height by lack of sleep.

3. Prepackaged meals

The most of prepackaged meals contain harmful chemicals and preservative, as well as excess sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

These “flavor enhancers” are hormone zappers that will clog your arteries and increase cancer risk in long time.

4. Acidic and Spicy foods

Spicy Chicken
Spicy Chicken

It’s just about time when you consume a spicy or high acidic content foods. It could cause acid re flux that interferes your restful sleep.

Personally I am not recommended eating high acidic foods to stop growth in Height since it’s dangerous and high risk stomach ulcer sickness.

5. Bread and Other Carbohydrates

It’s true whole grains is very good for our health, but refined grains are not. Simply consumed carbs in no time will turn to glucose, boosting your blood sugar levels. To compensate, the body increases insulin production.

Soon you will enter a catabolic state that prohibits growth hormone secretion. Your weight usually will increase, and that also impacts in reducing HGH levels.

So in conclusion eating bread especially refined grains will boost your weight and reducing your HGH Level. Eat this before sleep will increase this effect more.

6. Bad or low quality of Protein

Did you know that not all protein is good for our body. Some protein may harm our HGH production. But this protein kinda we looking for right?

Ok here’s the list low quality protein that you should try to reduce height chance.

  • Cheese
  • Bacon, hot dog, sausage

Reduce exercise

If you read our previous post in top this content almost all exercise is good for our body. Since our goal is to reduce HGH production so you should prevent it.

Lack of sleep

Again seriously it’s not good for our health. but for sake to reduce your height chance it might help. You will become insomnia person. Really not recommended if you are a student, or working person.

Conclusion how to stop growth in height

Like I’ve said before this post goal is to remind you that there’s nothing wrong with you or your height. All tips in here might hurt you since most of all recommendation is unhealthy.

Did it fair enough sacrifice your health and future just because you listening what they say?

That’s why in this post I am using Yao Ming as perfect example. Yao Ming is one of best athlete in basket ball. He success and famous because he is not let other ruin his focus.

You can be success and famous no matter how tall you are as long as you don’t lose hope and faith.

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