Dark Lips Even not Smoking ? It’s very possible

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Dark lips even not smoking may reduce your appearance There are many reason that can make your lips black. Usually your lips can be blackened and dark due to bad habits. Here’s 6 Common reason that causes of lip discoloration becoming darker even though you don’t have a smoking habit. Cause Black Lips even You

4 Benefits of Chocolate Scrub for Brighter Body Skin

benefit chocolate scrub for skin missrdu

Having bright, smooth, moisturized and radiant skin is every woman’s dream. Not only facial skin that must be cared for, but body skin must also be cared for in order to maximize appearance. Lots of organic or traditional scrubs that can help treat your skin, one of which is chocolate scrub. Skin care products made

Is women skin thinner than men

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When you compare the skin of women and men, you will definitely think that they are slightly different. Male skin looks thicker and rougher than women. But there is one interesting fact about the skin especially in women. women’s skin turns out to be thinner and more sensitive. Endocrinology said that women’s skin is 25%