4 Reason Why Do I Get a Headache After exercise

headache after running

There are a ton of benefits in exercise, especially if you make it your daily routine. But if you experience headache after exercise, then you should read this post more seriously. Event though the sensation of dizziness will slowly disappear in next 2-3 hour ,in some cases it can last in longer time. In fact,

Having Headache After Asthma Attack? Learn Right Treatment

headache after astha attack missrdu

Many experts say that headache after asthma attack have a close relationship. Is it true that asthma can cause migraines? Medical experts found that people with asthma have a tendency to experience migraines more often than those without asthma. So, what exactly is the relationship between asthma and migraine besides that they both occur in

Headache after Car Accident

headache after car accident missrdu

It must be though time getting headache after car accident. Didn’t mean to frightening you but it can be worse if you not act quick with your head pain. Headache for days after hitting head The information described is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor. The doctor can diagnose head injuries

Feeling Headache after dialysis ? Learn How to Get Rid of It!

headache after dialysis missrdu

Headache after dialysis is one of common side effects after dialysis treatment. About 2 out of 10 dialysis patients claim dizziness after treatment. Why you get headache after dialysis? Generally the dizziness caused by blood pressure that is too low or high. Especially if you also have diabetes. Other symptoms that may occur are shortness