The Reason Why You Should Not Take Medicine with Cold Water

The rules for taking medicine are important and must always be obeyed. Whether it’s medicine that you get from a doctor or medicine that you get from a pharmacy. You should always read the rules of use before taking any type of drug. In addition, you usually need water when taking medications to help make it easier to swallow. However, are there any special rules regarding this matter? Is it okay to take medicine with cold water?

The reason you should not take medicine with cold water

take medication with cold water
take medication with cold water

You may ask, what temperature the water should be used when taking medicine. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find scientific studies that address this because there are too many types of drugs out there with different rules of use.

When discussing a good water temperature when taking medication, keep in mind that the drug is absorbed as it passes through the lining of the stomach and intestines. In order for the absorption process to occur optimally, the internal organs must be in a good situation, including temperature or temperature.

When you take the medicine with cold water, the temperature in the stomach drops (cold). This can inhibit the drug dissolution process, causing the drug absorption is not optimal.

In addition, the body automatically tends to focus on stabilizing the decreased temperature caused by cold water rather than concentrating on the process of absorption of the drug that is consumed.

Probably almost everyone understands that a substance will dissolve more easily in warmer temperatures. Therefore, the drug will be more easily dissolved and absorbed by the body when drunk with warm water or water with normal temperature.

But keep in mind, you should drink warm water not hot water. Because if it is too hot, water can damage the content of the drugs consumed. Also if you get sudden cold after consuming something, it can’t be good sign. You can read our post about sudden cold especially when after eating

Better to reduce the habit of drinking cold water

Drinking cold water whether it is while taking medicine or it does not have an effect on the body. A study found that drinking cold water makes the nasal mucus thicker, making it difficult to pass through the respiratory tract.

In comparison, researchers proved that warm soup and hot water can help a person breathe easier. So if you have a cold or flu, drinking cold water can make nasal congestion worse.

Please considered this before taking medicine

In addition to avoiding taking medication with cold water, before taking medication to treat any disease or health condition, always pay attention to the following:

  • Take medication according to the doctor’s prescription, including the time and limit of treatment.
  • Read the instructions for use on the packaging or product information. Then look at possible side effects, warnings, and prevention. Although most of the side effects appear when you first start treatment, there may be exceptions. Tell your doctor right away if you experience any unusual side effects.
  • Know and understand how drugs work in the body, whether it’s prescription drugs or those you get from pharmacies.

Continue to take medication before you get permission to stop from your doctor. Stopping your medication if may cause the disease to come back and be more difficult to cure or cause unwanted side effects.
Consult a doctor before starting prescription medication or any type.

Although it was very refreshing, cold water cannot be drunk in all situations and conditions, especially when taking medication. The process of absorption of drugs to treat your health condition can experience obstacles so that treatment is not optimal.

We recommend that you take medicine using water with normal or warm temperatures. Then reduce the habit of depending on cold water. Also we strongly not recommended you to drink medicine with milk, we have post that detailed discussed it in here

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