Does Vitamin D help children grow Taller?

It’s must be famous myth around parents. Children need the sunlight as one of best source of vitamin D to help grow taller, but does it really true?

If we read our previous post about guide how to grow taller, There’s some magical food that can help us in gaining some Height. One of it is milk that rich with calcium and vitamin D.

And Yes, it’s true. Vitamin D play essential in Human Growth Hormone (HGH), it was a one of factor that can boost HGH production in our body.

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Benefit of Vitamin D is:

  • Improve HGH production in result is healthy bones grow and teeth. (especially children or before ages 18)
  • Maintain a healthy immune system, brain and nervous system.
  • Keeping low insulin levels diabetes.
  • Maintain lung function and cardiovascular health.
  • Lower risk cancer

Risk of Vitamin D deficiencies

Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutic, the researchers estimate that nearly 50% of people around the world are deficient in vitamin D.

In fact, this vitamin is one of the important vitamins that the body really needs.

Lack of vitamin D is depend in age stages, for a children it will increase risk bristle born and might not optimized height growth.

When stages is adult it will risk of deformed bones (osteomalasia). First impact is usually back pain then the worst is osteoporosis.

Also lack of vitamin D in the body is often associated with causes of several health issues conditions such as, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Research shows that people who have sufficient levels of vitamin D can reduce risk above slightly.

How much dozed vitamin D daily need?

Base on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) in Health Professional Fact Sheet. This dozed is recommended for daily consume.

Age to 1 year = 200 IU (5 mcg / day)
1 year to 64 years = 600 IU (15 mcg / day)
More than 64 years = 800 IU (20 mcg / day)
Pregnant and nursing women = 600 IU (15 mcg / day)

Source of Vitamin D help children grow taller.

Here are a variety of foods that are the best sources of vitamin D, We sorting by the highest nutrition :

  • Cod liver oil
  • Salmon
  • tuna
  • Sardine
  • Mackerel
  • Egg yolk
  • Cow liver
  • Button mushroom
  • Milk
  • Vitamin D fortified cereals
  • Shrimp
  • Caviar

In addition to a variety of foods and beverages that are complete above, you can also get this vitamin from supplements. For some people, vitamin D supplements can help meet the intake of vitamins the body needs.

Please keep in note, before taking supplements, consult your doctor first to get the proper consumption of supplements.


That’s why in order to get taller since a child should consume healthy food (fruits, vegetables, and milk). It’s also recommended to let child play outside to gaining sunlight as it rich with vitamin D.

Researcher said that the most healthy Sunlight is usually in around 8 AM till 10 AM (depends on your country). And please note it should be in 10 Minutes – 30 minutes above that you might get sunburn.. In next post we will share about how to get safely vitamin D from sunlight.

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