Which One is Healthier, Warm Milk or Cold Milk?

Warm Milk or Cold Milk is Healthier ? Yes we all already knew that milk is a drink that full of nutrients, can provide various benefits for body growth and health. Known as a source of calcium and vitamin D, milk will help maintain bone health if taken regularly.

Milk is also delicious and can be served in many ways. Some people prefer to drink warm milk, but some others prefer cold milk. So, which one is healthier, warm milk or cold milk? Find the detail in this information below.

Which is healthier, warm milk or cold milk?

Many people make drinking milk every breakfast a routine that you can’t miss. Drunk directly or served with cereal, there are always ways you can do it when consuming milk. Whether it’s warm or cold, everyone has their own favorite.

Whether the milk is served warm or cold, milk still provides a nutrient-dense calorie intake. Both also have their respective benefits.

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Benefits of warm milk

warm milk benefit
warm milk benefit

Warm milk helps you sleep faster. Milk contains components that can make you feel sleepy called tryptophan and melatonin. These two components are more active in working on milk served warm.

But keep in mind, this effect will only affect the problem of insomnia which is temporary. In addition, the content of the two components above also appears in small amounts.

However, warm milk will still have a calming effect that will help you fall asleep faster.

Warm milk can also overcome stomach discomfort. Especially in the morning, a cold drink may cause some people an uncomfortable feeling like bloating. Therefore, warm milk can help overcome it.

The warmth of milk will also have an impact on your body. If consumed during cold weather, warm milk can help raise the body’s internal temperature. Warm milk can provide an energy boost.

Do not stop there, milk contains potassium which is very helpful in relaxing muscles. This potassium content will relieve muscle tension and pressure on nerves.

For women who are experiencing PMS symptoms, drinking warm milk will relieve the pain. If you had almond milk it kind different when we want heat it, cause in common way it will make almond milk feels bitter. Read our Tips how to heat almond milk below

Benefits of cold milk

cold milk benefit missrdu
Cold milk with an Ice Cream, surely no one can’t resist it

Milk is also no less healthy when drunk cold. Cold milk can help the body stay hydrated due to its electrolyte content. A glass of cold milk can be the right drink to consume after you exercise.

Another benefit, drinking cold milk helps reduce stomach discomfort due to increased stomach acid levels.

The calcium contained in milk will absorb the excess acid produced by the stomach, thereby reducing the appearance of symptoms.

However, do not confuse cold milk with drugs that can react immediately to relieve pain. When drunk regularly and for a long time, milk will help the formation of lactic acid which works in the body to normalize the acidity level of the stomach.

Cold milk is also beneficial for your digestion. Drinking cold milk can help cleanse the oil and fat in the stomach from the food that has been consumed.

Not only that, cold milk has carminative properties that help improve digestion.

Both of them were equally useful, but …

There is no difference in nutritional content between warm milk and cold milk. Both of them provide good benefits for health. However, there are times when cold milk and warm milk can have different effects.

One of them, you may not be advised to drink cold milk when you are about to sleep at night because it will actually cause digestive problems.

In addition, also adjust to the weather around you. Cold milk is more suitable to drink when the weather is hot.

Remember, drinking warm or cold milk is not recommended if you have a lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy.

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