Watery Breast Milk Cause and 5 Tips How to Treat it

Watery Breastmilk is common problem that every mothers worry. Even so, watery milk is also contains all the nutrients the baby needs for immunity and development. Then, What causes Watery breast milk? Is it normal or not?

Watery breast milk is usually produced early in the breastfeeding period, milk production begins around week 16 of pregnancy, but only in very small amounts. After giving birth, there are three main stages of the milk production process, namely colostrum milk, then transitional breast milk and finally mature breast milk. Furthermore, the composition of the milk that comes out is adjusted to the needs of your baby from time to time

Dilute Breast milk is usually at the colostrum stage. Colostrum breast milk actually works as a natural vaccine and is 100% safe for babies. It also contains large amounts of secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies, which are good for newborns. This colostrum breast milk is yellowish in color, contains high levels of lactose, and is low in fat so it is easy to digest.

Watery breast milk cause?

Baby watery breastmilk
Is watery breast milk good for baby

Actually, the cause of watery milk is low fat content. Because basically there are 2 types of texture of breast milk. First, watery milk, and second, milk with a thick texture. Both are natural, and can occur at any time to all breastfeeding mothers.

Breast Milk thicker level is affected by the amount of fat

When breast milk is diluted, it is usually influenced by the nutritional content or fat in breast milk. When the mother breastfeeds, there is still a lot of milk in the breast. Then, breast milk at first time usually contains lower fat, the texture is thinner, but has a lot of nutrition. Meanwhile, the less breast milk, the higher the fat, contain lots of calories.

So you should no worries if right now your breast milk is watery or dilute even it when you pumping it.

Watery Breast Looks Like

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Comparison Watery Breast Milk with Thick Breast Milk . @kellymom

Does the amount of milk production affect the wateriness or thickness of the milk?

No, milk production and texture have nothing to do with it. The more frequently you breastfeed, the smoother your milk production will be. The baby’s suction on your breast is a stimulus for your body to continue producing milk.

Watery or thick can usually occur at any time. And as the baby gets older, the intake needed is different. Also pay attention to the food that the mother eats. The reason is, what you eat can also affect the taste and composition of breast milk, especially the type of fat contained in breast milk. So, it is very important for you to stick to a balanced nutritional diet to produce healthy breast milk and also to maintain the health of your body.

If your food intake does not meet your needs for certain nutrients, you may need additional vitamins and minerals from supplements.

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5 Food to Boost Breast milk Quality

There are many food options for breastfeeding mothers that can help mothers improve the quality of breast milk. Consuming the following recommended food ingredients for breastfeeding mothers will make breast milk thicker and more high quality and rich in nutrients for your little one.


Did you know that foods to improve the quality of breast milk can be obtained from fish? However, to make quality and thick breast milk, the best type of fish is salmon.

Salmon contains omega 3 types EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is great for neurodevelopment and enhancing the intelligence of your little one, while EPA is good for the heart and the formation of blood cells. However, make sure you cook the salmon until it is cooked, because to anticipate the presence of germs in this healthy food for breastfeeding mothers.

Lean Beef

For Moms who like to eat beef steak, this food is still safe for consumption during the breastfeeding period that is lean beef. This is because lean beef contains a lot of iron which is needed by mothers to increase energy depleted after childbirth and breastfeeding. To avoid bacteria, make sure the beef that you consume is cooked at a well-done level.

Brown rice

The next food for breastfeeding mothers is brown rice. Brown rice contains galactogus which are good for improving breast milk. Brown rice will also aid in the postpartum recovery process.

In addition, brown rice also helps increase appetite and maintain blood sugar levels. Most importantly, this food for nursing mothers also contains many compounds that will improve the quality of breast milk.

When your little one is able to consume foods other than breast milk, brown rice can also be a good complement to breastfeeding for babies. You don’t hesitate to switch to food right?


Another food ingredient to improve the quality of breast milk is eggs. This food ingredient is rich in vitamin D which functions to maintain your bones and also the development of the baby’s bones during growth.


The last thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is drinking enough water. Make sure you consume water that is cooked and free from germs and bacteria. Mothers can also reduce and avoid consumption of refilled drinking water and bottled drinking water. The most safest way to drink mother by boiled by your self. So you can guarantee it’s quality.

That’s it Watery Breast Milk Cause and Super Food to improve it. Have any idea another super food to boost breast milk quality? Share with us. We will love to hear it.

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