Will coconut oil help a sunburn? Learn right treatment with coconut oil

The Coconut Tree is well known as the ‘Tree of 1000 Benefits’. From the stems, leaves, fruit flesh, to the roots have benefits for humans. One of them is coconut oil produce from fruit flesh. Besides being able to be used for cooking, coconut oil is very good for sunburns treatment.

Will coconut oil help a sunburn?

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The answer is yes coconut oil will help reduce and fixing sunburn but not for first treatment. For First treatment you can apply cool not cold water to damp towel to infected area. After skin cooling down then you can apply home remedies like coconut oil.

Coconut oil is also known as one of the best home remedies for skin burn. Coconut oil not only prevents secondary infections and stimulates the healing process, but also keeps the skin moist and reduces the appearance of scars on the skin.

Right Treatment for Sunburn with coconut oil

There is no exact measurement when using coconut oil to heal burns. You can apply 0.5 ml-1 ml of coconut oil on the surface of the burned skin regularly for more than 10 days.

Also you can practice give coconut oil on small area sunburn to check if your skin didn’t have allergies.

Benefits of Coconut Oil to Cure Inflammation Due to Burns

1. Healing

Coconut oil contains natural and safe wound healing properties. It Can heal burns quickly which increases collagen production. Also, it can increase cell proliferation in damaged connective tissue layers and stimulate blood vessel formation.

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Other studies show that applying coconut oil in combination with other antibiotics can help heal burns by stimulating the formation of epithelial layers.

2. Relieve Pain

Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and analgesic because it contains vitamin E which can help reduce pain and discomfort caused by burns.

3. Stimulate Collagen Production

Burns damage the skin’s collagen fibers. Therefore, collagen synthesis is very important for wound healing. Several studies have shown that coconut oil stimulates collagen production and simultaneously strengthens damaged skin.

4. Contains Anti-inflammatory

Wounds are often accompanied by redness, inflammation, and pain. You can prevent these symptoms by consuming or applying coconut oil. According to one study, coconut oil contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective for treating various inflammatory conditions.

5. Increase Antioxidant Defense

Wounded skin can cause pain and discomfort. Anti-oxidative properties found in coconut oil can help heal wounds. Also coconut oil is containing with polyphenols which help reduce oxidative stress.

6. Are Anti-Microbial

It is very important to clean the wounds and cover them with sterile bandages. Also, it can prevent infection by applying some coconut oil to the wound to prevent contamination. According to a study coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties, which are effective in preventing fungal infections.


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