Will Doctor Call with Biopsy Results ?

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I know everybody is hate waiting especially in about waiting bad or good news.

Biopsy result usually takes around 2 – 3 days, then doctor need deeper analysts on biopsy result for 7 – 10 days. That’s why usually doctor will inform you the result in 1 – 2 weeks after biopsy.

So, Will Doctor Call with Biopsy Results ?

Will Doctor Call with Biopsy report
Waiting for biopsy report?

The answer is depends on the results, but usually biopsy result done by appointment not by call.

Doctor may need to meet you face to face to explain the reports, and give you expert advice what you should to do next. Even your results is negative, usually it still need an appointment.

My Biopsy Report Takes more Than 10 Days, Did my result is positive?

Well for some case doctor might need more time to analysis your result. There’s many factor, may be the doctor is busy or your result is complicate so need more time to research it.

So even your result takes around 10 days or more than 2 weeks it doesn’t mean always your biopsy result is positive.

I’am strongly recommended you more reactive if you did not receive your biopsy result within 2 weeks. You can call or mail the Doctor / Hospital to follow up the result maybe they forgotten or skipped your data (Very rare to happen)

When an Appointment is request by doctor

Actually, there are two main reasons why a doctor requested an appointment after biopsy lab test:

  • In order to check for the recurrence of a treated condition.
  • also to inform the result that can’t be done by phone or mail.

Before you confirm the next appointment is always OK to confirm your doctor. If you’re not sure about treatment guidelines or why a appointment is needed.

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Bottom Line

If a doctor asks you to schedule a next appointment for your biopsy lab results, but you seem it doesn’t seem necessary, then you can ask why.

Try to keep an open mind and remember that your doctor is mean to help you with the result. Just because your result is normal doesn’t mean the appointment is unnecessary.

But if the biopsy report only require a minute or two, then it’s fine to ask the results by phone, or secure message like mail. In this cases, the doctor has no right to withhold or require you to pay for a visit in order to get them.

One of heartening fact is that out of every 8 people referred to the biopsy test, only 1 will be diagnosed with cancer. We always hoping and pray that you are on of the lucky one!

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