Is women skin thinner than men

When you compare the skin of women and men, you will definitely think that they are slightly different. Male skin looks thicker and rougher than women.

But there is one interesting fact about the skin especially in women. women’s skin turns out to be thinner and more sensitive.

Endocrinology said that women’s skin is 25% thinner and smoother than men’s skin, and this is what makes women’s skin more sensitive to touch or other stimulations such as temperature changes.

Women Skin comparing with men
Women Skin comparing with men

Why Women Skin is Thinner than Men?

Short recap why women skin is more thicker than men

  1. Collagen in women is thinner than men
  2. Women has less active sebaceous glands in their skin.
  3. Men Skin is moister comparing to women

1. Collagen in men is thicker than women

Collagen is part of the protein in the body to organize and hold the whole body, its properties are like glue. Collagen has a strong resistance to pressure, generally located in blood vessels, muscles, bones, digestive system, and tendons.

Collagen is in the middle skin layer, and in men collagen is thicker. That’s why, the male’s skin resistance is stronger, his face is not susceptible to wrinkles, thicker, and tighter

2. Men have more active sebaceous glands in their skin.

Sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands) are microscopic glands in the skin, and produce oil or commonly called sebum. Sebaceous glands spread to all parts of the body except the hands, and feet. The sebaceous glands are distributed by hair and facial skin which in these two places contain very much sebaceous glands.

But there are differences in sebaceous glands between men and women, where in men are more active. Therefore, the face and skin of male hair emit more oiled (sebum).

3. Men’s skin is moister than women

Men likely produce more sweat twice as much as women and their sweat also contains lactic acid which affects the pH level. Lactic acid and a lot of sweats functions as a natural moisturizer for men, so in fact men already have a natural moisturizer on the surface of their skin so, it does not need moisturizers like women.

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Thinner Skin in women cause more easier wrinkles

Unfortunately, Smoother and thinner skin meaning is more easier wrinkles. Because the loss of collagen on delicate skin is more easily seen than on thicker skin.

So, it seems no wonder why women are more often worried about the appearance of fine wrinkles on the face and more complicated to treat body skin. It seems like it was natural innate from the body’s,

Bottom Line

Yes it’s true that women is has thinner skin comparing to men. That make a reason why make up producer has ton of various product to enhance women skin.

To keep your skin healthy is actually simple. Make sure your skin is always moisture, drink enough water everyday, and choose right product to clean your face.

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